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New book alert - "Roswell Revealed" - SUNRISE Information Services

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Rarely does one come across an Australian researcher, or group of researchers, who provide a book length treatment on just one UAP event. However, the book "Roswell Revealed" is just such a work.

Its full title is "Roswell Revealed: The New Scientific Breakthrough into the Controversial UFO crash of 1947." The book was published by SUNRISE Information Services, Canberra, Australia in 2015. ISBN 978-0-957735-00-2.

The "About the Author" page reads

"SUNRISE Information Services (SUNRISE) is a private research center aimed at producing original, stable, interesting and easy-to-read educational and research information for the global community, while uncovering new and original knowledge."

What is it about?

The book examines the 1947 Roswell crash incident in general; but specifically, and in exhaustive detail, the "shape-memory foils" reported by the witnesses. Its major premise may be summed up by quoting from the book:

"...we have two opposing groups looking at the exact same materials in all their glory, and yet they have managed to come up with completely different descriptions. On the one hand, we have the USAF claiming the metallic foil is made of flimsy aluminium foil with no unusual properties, and, on the other hand, the witnesses claimed a  dark-grey metal was observed as being virtually indestructible when subjected to the high temperatures of a blow torch and with heavy blows from a sledgehammer." (p.9.)

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What research did SUNRISE undertake?

Much has been made about the large volume of information about the Roswell event. "Then, in the early 1990s, an Australian researcher noticed, within the original witnesses' statements, a particular observation never before analyzed at the time. It concerns the dark-grey foil found at the Roswell crash site... The "distinctly dark-grey" shape-memory alloy at the center of this research is NiTi (or nitinol)...Not expecting to find anything unusual, the researcher made a study into the alloy's properties..." (p.21.)

One of the numerous individuals involved in the Roswell saga was "...former US Army Colonel James Bond Edward Johnson (1926-2006)...military reporter and representative of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram." (p.63.)

Johnson interviewed Brigadier-General Ramey and saw first hand, and photographed, what he was told was the Roswell debris - a weather balloon.  SUNRISE contacted Johnson directly. "Mr Johnson had a personal website and email address for the public to contact him. SUNRISE took the opportunity to notify him on February 13, 2006 of the latest Australian research into the Roswell case and asked for his comments regarding the history..." (p.72.)

SUNRISE carefully examines all the original source material available, about the "shape-memory foils," as gained by Roswell researchers, from individuals who claim to have seen it. SUNRISE also gathered, analysed and presents, in great detail, the history of US research into nitinol, and other shape-memory metals. " It began in 1994 when an Australian researcher approached Russian metallurgist Dr Andrzej (Andrew) Calka... The researcher asked for Dr Calka's insights into Ni Ti..." (p.216.)

As part of their research, SUNRISE consulted "...the metal journals from the Research School of Physical Sciences at the Australian National University (ANU)..." (p.174.)

SUNRISE located, read and digested, a number of USAF/Battelle sub-contracted technical reports on the subject of shape-memory metals. A fascinating story in itself.

SUNRISE engaged in dialogue with Roswell researcher Anthony Bragalia in 2008. "Mr Bragalia believes the Roswell object is alien and that science can never understand alien technology. SUNRISE takes on a more balanced position...However SUNRISE is open-minded to other possibilities if the evidence supports it." (p.255.)

My comments

I was pleasantly surprised  to find an Australian group of researchers conducting research on this level. Very little original research is undertaken in this country by UAP researchers. Here though, is a group taking the time, over several years in fact, (version one of the book appeared in 2011) to carefully, and in great detail, explore a highly technical area of UAP research.

I read SUNRISE's work with great interest, and congratulate them on this work and book. I hope we might hear more of this high standard of work, from them, in the future.

I would recommend, that whatever your position on the Roswell incident, that you obtain and read carefully, a copy of this book.

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