Sunday, April 17, 2016

Unusual photographic case from New South Wales in the 1960's

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I came across an intriguing story, in a recent post on  UAP group, Facebook page, about  the 2 April 1966 Balwyn, Melbourne photo, and contacted the lady, Kylie who had posted it.

Kylie wrote:

"My stepdad took a photo of  UFO too, at around the same time. Federal police and scientsts and UFO researchers came to investigate. They believed it was a genuine photograph. He then had to admit that he'd thrown the lid of a copper and taken a photo of it. But all the authorities believed it was a real photo of a real UFO."

I then got in touch with Kylie and asked her a series of questions:

1. Where was the photograph taken?

2. What was his name?

3. Any chance of getting hold of a copy of the photo?

Kylie replied:

"It was in western Sydney, in Lethbridge Park. It was taken by (name omitted - KB).

He was a late teenager living with his sister and the authorities took the picture off him, so he couldn't keep it (well before digital technology made it easy to have copies). It took him a while to admit to them that he had faked it."

She then told me:

"I'm with my mum at the moment and she's trying to remember everything he  said. She thinks he submitted it to a magazine or newspaper or something , and that's why all the scientists and police turned up at his door. freaked his poor sister out. And him. He had to keep going with the lie because he was scared. His sister convinced him to confess."

In a later message:

"The address was (address omitted - KB). My mum isn't certain of the exact year but it was late 60's"


1. I asked a number of researchers in New South Wales, if they had ever heard of this photograph. No one has.

2. I checked my own copies of a number of Australian UAP magazines for around the late 1960's but found no reference to the photograph.

3. I looked at my files of RAAF UAP sightings for that era, but again nothing was found.

If any readers of this blog can assist with further details, they may either post a comment on the blog; or email me at

Update: 21 April 2016.

I searched for references to the stepdad's name. location and date of birth, in both the National Archives of Australia and the National Library of Australia. I found no references to either him or the photograph.

I also did a cursory search of the New South Wales electoral roll for 1968 but did not find any mention of his name. I may of course have simply overlooked it. There are a couple of dozen electoral roll books, each with several electoral sub-divisions in them. So going through looking for one entry, it is easy to miss that one line you are looking for.

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