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New book alert - "The Aztec UFO Incident" - Ramsey, Ramsey and Thayer

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The Aztec, New Mexico, USA, UFO crash account of 25 March 1948 first came to see the light of day in the 1950 book "Behind the Flying Saucers" by author Frank Scully. (Published by Henry Bolt & Co., New York, 1950.)

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There is now a new book out, by three researchers, Scott Ramsey; Suzanne Ramsay and Frank Thayer. Its full title is "The Aztec UFO Incident: The Case, Evidence, and Elaborate Cover-up of One of the Most Perplexing Crashes In History." (Published by New Page Books, Wayne, N.J. ISBN 978-1-63265-001-6).

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"By the mid-1950's, no responsible writer or UFO investigator would touch the Aztec story with a 10-foot pole. " (p.46).

In the mid-1980's came a fresh look at the incident, in a book "UFO Crash at Aztec: A Well-Kept Secret" by William Steinman and Wendelle Stevens. (UFO Photo Archives, Tucson, Arizona, 1986).

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This was followed by a chapter in a 2003 book by Chris B. Evans, "Alien Conspiracy: Unraveling the UFO/Alien Mystery." (Published by Alarm Clock Publishing, Ceredo, W.Va.)

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Scott Ramsey; Suzanne Ramsey; Frank Thayer; and Frank Warren, wrote "The Aztec Incident: Recovery at Hart Canyon." (Published by Aztec48 Publications. Mooresville, NC. 2012).

The research
"Our research is a compilation of work gathered for almost 29 years. In that time, we have travelled to more than 28 states; personally spent $500,000; and archived 55,000 related documents from sources including the United States Army , United States Air Force, FBI and CIA, and directly from the desk of J Edgar Hoover." (p.11).
The authors describe:
* Finding and interviewing a number of individuals who claim they were present at the incident, and who describe the craft and associated beings
* Other individuals who relate second hand, descriptions which they heard from first hand sources
* Their research into Frank Scully; J.P. Cahn; Silas Newton and others who were part of the 1950's work "Behind the Flying Saucers."
In undertaking their research, the authors:
* Visited the Aztec crash site on numerous occasions
* Travelled across the US to interview individuals
* Located a thought long lost wire audio recording of Silas Newton of his famous lecture of 8 March 1950
* Unearthed  a never finished autobiography of Silas Newton
* Explored and dismissed alternate mundane explanations for the crashed object, such as a V-2 rocket.

What do the authors tell us they found?
"This book reveals not only the incontrovertible proof of the flying saucer recovered on Hart Canyon mesa in March, 1948, it also shows the successful Army cover-up following that recovery." (p.231).
" At the beginning of this quest, we would never have bet money that so many Aztec saucer documents existed...The documents are real, and most have never been seen by other researchers." (p.297).
"A 100-foot-diameter flying saucer was recovered and moved off of a mesa above Hart Canyon Road near Aztec after it was discovered on March 25, 1948. The crew of 16 humanoid bodies lay dead inside the craft with at least two slumped over the controls. The craft was carted away to some secure government facility." (p.301).
"We hope the reader understands that we, the authors, know the Aztec incident is a real event and that knowledge of the recovery at Hart Canyon should have been made known to the American public long ago." (p.303).
Long term readers of this blog will know that I favour the conducting of original research into cases. This book is a good example of a motto (with a dash from the TV series, The X-files) which I myself use, namely "Trust no-one, conduct your own research." In fact, the authors, themselves write, "Do one's own research and do not count on others." (p.43).
The very fact that the authors located previously unknown witnesses, and written documentation, indicates the thoroughness of their work. Their methodology is to be congratulated,
It is a pity that in Australia, the publishing of such a detailed document/book, has not been carried out on such incidents as the 6 April 1966, Westall, Victoria, event. Doing so would enable much better peer review, of these sort of high profile incidents.
Finally, have the book's authors convinced me that their interpretation of the Aztec crash is the correct one? Well, no. They present no official US Government documents stating that the crash occurred, was a UFO and that there was indeed a recovery. They provide no piece of non-earthly technology from the incident. They provide us with no dead alien bodies to look at for ourselves.


  1. Hi,

    Interesting review and I thought it only fair to link to what I've always found an interesting series of posts on Kevin Randles blog from 2013 about the Aztec story.

    Basically a long term resident of Aztec points out a number of problems in the Ramsay book, especially in regards to the logistics of transporting a crashed UFO.

    Monte Shriver on Aztec: Part 1

    Monte Shriver on Aztec: Part 2

    Monte Shriver on Aztec: Part 3

    1. Hi Graham, thank you for the links. I will take a look at them.

  2. Here is Kevin Randles latest article on the Aztec Crash, it links to some earlier articles including the three I linked to in my earlier post


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