Tuesday, April 26, 2016

"Starseeds" - DNA testing is not expensive

Hi all,

My recent blog post on "starseeds" drew a number of comments, via email, blog comment, and telephone. One of them was from an Australian neuroscientist, with expertise in DNA. This scientist wrote that he wondered if "starseeds" were aware that there are relatively inexpensive DNA tests available right now?

"The test is cheap and covers many aspects of human DNA including autosomal DNA, mitochondrial DNA, y-chromosomal DNA.

The autosomal DNA test looks at many SNPs possibly over a million. This should be enough to determine if the DNA has been mixed with ET DNA."

I turned to the Internet to explain the terms used. I found:

Autosomal DNA "...is a term used in genetic genealogy to describe DNA which is inherited from the autosomal chromosomes. An autosomal is any of the numbered chromosomes, as opposed to the sex chromosomes. Humans have 23 pairs of autosomal and one pair of sex chromosomes."

Mitochondrial DNA "...is the DNA located in mitochondria, cellular organelles with eukaryotic cells..."

y-chromosomal DNA  "...is used to explore a man's patrilineal or direct father's-line ancestry..."

SNP (single - nucleotide - polymorphism) SNP is a variation in a single nucleotide that occurs at specific positions in the genome.

Critics of the reality, or otherwise, of claims of "starseeds" to be part human and part extra-terrestrial, and to have alien DNA, ask that "starseeds" provide DNA evidence to back up their claims.

Critics point out that there are inexpensive DNA tests currently, readily available. For example, those offered by such companies as https://www.23andme.com

The challenge then, to individuals who come forward with accounts of being part human and part alien,, is, will you take one of these DNA tests, and publish the results?


  1. This is a great observation and a good start towards some much-needed objective analysis in this area. There is much we don't know about physical/spiritual composition - i.e. we're dealing with entities who apparently have the machinery necessary to extract and temporarily hold 'the soul' of an abductee, so even when DNA test results are obtained, interpretation should be likewise careful not to be overloaded with too many base assumptions.

    Hope you get some responses on this.

    1. > careful not to be overloaded with too many base assumptions

      Such as, aliens are here and the soul is an actual thing?

    2. Touché. No, I mean that a huge range of claims exist, so focusing only on one part does not automatically invalidate another set. What I'm saying is that on the campaign to disprove the star children, the test must be comprehensive and investigate a nil result. If the DNA test returns a 'normal' comparison, there must still be an approximate explanation for their apparent psychosis. That's all really. Big advocate for tangible evidence.

      Fortunately we are nearing a time where technology will allow us to (easily) collate this data. For example, now it would be possible to put a wireless monitoring bracelet on claimed abductees to automatically (and broadly) have 24/7 streamed data of heartbeat and other vital signs, match this against their record of experience.

    3. Oh, yes, there are any number of ways claimants could be monitored, but will investigators use them, or just give excuses why they shouldn't?

      There were early attempts by Jacobs to tape record bedroom abductions. What we get are a litany of excuses for why this failed. Some tapes showed the person waking up and turning off the recorder; later it was claimed an abduction occured immediately after. Other claimants with recorders soon reported only getting abducted on trips away from home or when they slept on the couch. And, of course, many subjects reported electrical sabotage.

      All of these failures were interpreted to mean the aliens had knowledge of the recorders and were avoiding or interfereing with them. That is, the complete absence of aliens on the tapes was taken as evidence of the presence of aliens!

      It's not unlike how the Bush administration interpreted the lack of WMD during UN weapons inspections as proof that the WMD were being hidden! And you can't hide something that doesn't exist, right?

    4. For what it's worth, as per the title of this post - the cost of storing collecting and analyzing data is getting cheaper every day. Eventually we will have the assistance of AI to help us with the entire process (i.e. even cheaper monitoring/analysis). Eventually there will be no chance of missing the signal for the noise and even any obfuscation attempts will become evident as a specific pattern. So long as any interference in our physical realm is measurable then it's only a question of time before we discover the true nature of the interference.

  2. I hate to rain on the DNA testing parade, but I doubt that DNA sequencing will be able to provide a basis on which to definitively judge claims of hybridization. It's just not that simple. In order to appreciate the complexity of the problem, I recommend doing some background reading on genetic interaction, epigenetics, non-coding DNA, and copy number variation. It may not be possible at this time to distinguish genetic variation that is or could be natural terrestrial variation from variation introduced from non-terrestrial sources.

    1. Hi barasits,

      Thank you for your comment. Although there may be difficulties with pursuing this avenue, it seems worth while attempting to do so. In addition, "starseeds" make other testable claims about possessing abilities that the rest of us do not have. These, perhaps, could be followed up.

    2. @barasits

      You are correct, broadly speaking, that there will have to be a discussion about method, of what to look for and how to be sure we have valid findings. But that is true of any scientific endeavor.

      We aren't at that point yet because hybrid claimants and proponents have given several false reasons why they are prevented from conducting DNA tests (the expense, or that "real" hybrids are too evil to submit to testing).

      Scientists should not wait for volunteers, but go ahead and design a testing protocol and try to arrange funding. Without barriers to testing, what excuses will the hybrids make then, I wonder?

  3. I am a forty year old woman and I have lived all over this world and meet more people from more backgrounds than I can count. I have a beautiful and multi-cultural family. I can not at this time claim to be an actual starseed. there are many events in my life that don't really stack up in a logical or scientific stance. I have read many articles, watched a lot of youtube , blogs until my eyes hurt. There is a lot of crap out there I will say. But truly I came across things I can not disagree with. but as far as our DNA goes, it comes down to this, DNA is a fantastic thing that we have yet to fully understand, so to try and find something specific in something you already don't fully understand to begin with is futile. But I am more than happy to submit to DNA testing. it would answer more than one question for me. Am I a starseed? Why is it for the past 16 generations on my mothers side every first child born was a female born to a first child female? Especially when we "KNOW" the father determines the sex??? Why do I feel energy of all kinds of things, people and places like a human EMF??? Think my DNA can explain that? Because, truly, if i'm crazy i'd like to know so I can work with it and get on with my life.... respectively....

  4. I already completed my 23andMe 2years-ago. I just don't know what I am look for? Could someone help?


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