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"New human" is not new

Hi all,

Earlier this month a young woman spoke at a meeting of UFO Research (NSW) Incorporated. She refers to herself as a "starseed"; "Homo Novis"; or a "new human." In her own words, a "hybrid" between a human and an extra-terrestrial.

Intrigued, I then read with great interest an article in the digitised edition of "The Sydney Morning Herald" dated 3 April 2016. The text of that article is as follows:
"Meet Lea, the 'new human' who says she's had close encounters since childhood.
by Tim Barlass

It takes a bit of courage to do what 22-year old Lea Kapiteli did on Saturday night. Far easier to stay at home.

She went public for the first time. The venue was the Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club. The organisers: UFO Research NSW.

Ms Kapiteli told the group that it has been happening since she was five. She sees things.
She says she has interacted with extra-terrestrials on numerous occasions. She describes them, knows their names, culture and history. She creates captivating illustrations of what she has seen. There are even drawings of herself in what she describes as her astral body.

Then she goes further. She calls herself a starseed, Homo Novis or "new human", said to be highly intuitive and possessing multidimensional abilities beyond the five senses.

"A new human is a hybrid of extra-terrestrial and human, the type of person who has had a lot of ET or non-human experiences and who feels like they are not really of this place." She said.
"I have been having contact for about 15 years. It can range from physical encounters to psychic encounters and receiving information seemingly from nowhere."

The first evidence she says was at home in Melbourne. She woke up and said she knew it was time to leave. She saw a bright light through the window. "We tend to stop when there is a physical object in front of us, but I didn't have any of that instinct. I just kept walking through the window. I was in in a bright bluish place and saw a woman at the end of a path. She was short, bald and with golden skin. She had a red robe and she was beckoning me to come.

"We ended up in what seemed like a classroom with all sorts of people there. Human children, extra-terrestrial children of different races and with different skin colours, some had blue or green skin. There were human children just like me. Some of them were wearing pyjamas still. I wasn't afraid because this was like Sunday school."

She says she also regularly has experiences of astral travel, where the body is temporarily left behind, giving freedom to explore the solar system or different worlds. She said on one occasion she was grabbed around the leg and woke up to see a red imprint around her leg.

Of her decision to give her first public talk, she said: "I feel this is a very important topic to talk about.. Very few people are exploring it. I'm not the only one who is experiencing this. There are people all around the planet who are having these encounters and not enough people are saying what is really going on.

"There's every help group out there for every topic you could possibly imagine except this one."
Her mother Sanja Korlaet, said that in the beginning she was confused and worried there could be something wrong with her daughter.
"One day at the age of eight she came to me and said: Mum, I am not who you think I am. I am not just your daughter, which scared me. I believe what she is experiencing is a real thing. The drawings are of strange looking people she tells me: 'These are my friends, mum. You haven't met them yet.' She is still young and I am not sure she is ready to handle this situation, but she wants to help other star seeds.'
UFO Research NSW President Mariana Flynn said she became aware of Ms Kapiteli through Mary Rodwell , the Queensland-based head of the Australian Close Encounter Research Network, who she said works with a lot of starseeds and star children.
"I met Lea and asked her to talk to our group. I am always wanting to stretch minds and wake people up. I think the group will be fine when they see her energy, personality and [the] authenticity of her story. I had someone ask me if she's had medical tests to prove she has got extra-terrestrial DNA. No. The tests are very expensive."
"We have to take her on trust and if people can't handle her story that's fine. We are just giving them the experience of a unique young person telling her story and who believes she's telling the truth.""
Lea's blog
I did an Internet search for Lea and found she publishes a blog On the blog I found a section titled "What's this blog all about? Eager to learn more of Lea's views, and experiences I read the text there.
"Unlike other blogs that deal with food, film, reviews and various other online rants - this blog is open to all aspects of the New Age movement. The New Age movement could be considered a spiritual awakening for people breaking away from mainstream 'in the box" old way of looking at things to start looking at the many mysteries that's before us (and more to come) with a new pair of eyes. This blog will be talking about a whole range of things from metaphysics, philosophies, contacts with non-human entities, past lives, the works!
What is my story? How did I come to know all this?
My earliest experiences started when I was five and six years old having regular visits from extra-terrestrial entities; twice we physical and various astral visits, when I was with my contacts I was tought many things.

Over time I started remembering snippets of memory from my past lives; they added huge pieces to my knowledge about the world and beyond that I soon began accepting that as my truth. Other humans were not so open when I told them about my experiences and often tried to convince me they were nothing more than wishful thinking and vivid dreams - and a good part of me believed it growing up.

Until one night when I turned 13 I had an incredible encounter with a being calling himself Mezreth, even though I had never met him before there was a huge familiarity with him. After the introductions were over he asked me but one question 'Do you want to know?' this was my chance to know all the questions burdening my mind and soul for years to have an opportunity to have someone confirm my early childhood experiences were not dreams. I accepted his knowledge and from that moment on my life was totally changed.

I had ongoing contact from various ETs and EDs (extra-dimensionals) and even rekindled with contacts I broke off in my childhood, my life was answered.
I began learning everything my contacts were teaching me, nothing was spared. Downloads of information with excruciating details I was uncovering (it felt like a wrapped package for me to open and take out the contents) from any topic I could ask for, even when I wouldn't receive any downloads from my contacts then I could just ask in casual conversations. My past life memories came out tenfold. I remembered about histories that were now lost in researched time, people who have been with me in old times reborn into today's world - all of it.
But with all the wonderful stuff came that horrid poke in the ribs of wanting to tell someone here on earth. I knew no one readily to talk to about this and I desperately craved to talk about it - but people kept shutting my reality away. I was undeterred - disappointed and borderline desperate. I told my mother who did believe me, she found information online backing up what I was saying! That was a huge relief knowing I wasn't going to be thrown in the nut house. But as time went on, I kept coming out with more information and at times she couldn't take it in one swoop, the more I held off from the downloads and reduced discussing information - I would forget it after it would cause me bad headaches, this was happening frequently as a teenager.
I didn't 'come out of the spaceship' until I was in my late teens, I started meeting new people I could talk to about things through various researchers and word of mouth connections. It gave me great insight learning from their experiences and how they came to be the person they were today. But when I couldn't reach out to people, I had to write it down on paper and I can say I have a dozen notebooks and scrapbooks I added to over time.
I came to terms with all of this and realized that this is my reality, no one else can try to change or alter it anyway that bests suits their vision - reality doesn't work that way. To all my readers out there, people cannot tell you something is or isn't real when they do not stand in the same space as you did."

My initial thoughts
What do I think of Lea's account? Firstly, she must be congratulated for being willing to publicly talk about her experiences. From my own research, I know that there are certainly other individuals in the world, who have shared similar experiences. Quite a few have already shared these publicly, on television shows, in books, at UFO conferences, and more recently, via the internet.

As she says in part of her blog posts , who are others to judge you if they " not stand in the same space as you did."

My initial thoughts are that, yes, others can offer their own opinions on accounts of this nature, if an individual makes specific claims, based on what they say happened to them. So, what did Lea say about her status  as a "Homo Novis?"

In a post on her blog, dated June 10 she writes:

"Homo Novis

They are genetically modified humans whose purpose is to physically  and mentally enhance homo sapiens to the point where future offspring become homo novis...Homo novis are a genetic mixture of human and soul-selected E.T. DNA...They have extra abilities granted to them by their E.T. parts...Novis are designed to do specific tasks..Though I cannot speak for all novis, they have a small sense of arrogance and small hints of superiority...they are genetically planted within these already decently advanced women and men (families) that would produce healthy and able novis...
However, novis cannot produce more novis unfortunately...Novis are meant to "Awaken" humanity...Fun Facts: homo novis are all contacts and agreed to contract terms of their unique lives...they are able to sense each other world wide through an internal beacon...all homo novis are born from homo sapien parents..."

This isn't new at all!

From my reading, the concept of "star seeds", "new humans" and "homo novis" are not new. This idea stretches back to at least 1982. It involves the earlier concepts of "star children"; "Indigo children" and other such terms.

1982 - Indigo children

Let's go back to 1982 and the concept of "indigo children."  Nancy Ann Tappe had a book published titled “ Understanding your life through color.” (Starling Publishers, Carlsbad, California. ISBN 0-940399-00-8).

 “…first known publication where the behaviour patterns of these new children were identified.” Tappe classed human behaviour in terms of colors. “One of the color groups in her work …Indigo…” (Page 5 of Carroll, Lee & Tober, Jan. 1999. “The Indigo Children.”  Hay House. Carlsbud, California.)

1994 - Star children
Image courtesy of Amazon Books
English UFOlogist, Jenny Randles wrote of her findings about what she called "star children" in 1994 in a book titled “Star Children.” (Robert Hale Ltd. London. ISBN 0 7090 53886).

1. “We can summarize what the Star Child theory actually is…
- an alien intelligence is on Earth and in contact with humanity
- two types of entity, tall, blonde ‘Nordics’ and small greys
- “They are calling people to act as messenger and also genetically engineering some part of humanity. Both result in what we call Star Children. According to some witnesses, aliens claim to have seeded Star Children on earth for many millennia…” (page 152).

2. Contactees and abductees are messengers (page 156). “These people are, in a sense, all Star Children.” (page 157).

3. “Yet the most direct form of Star Child…is the actual replacement of a human spirit by some form of alien consciousness.” (page 158).

4. “That people believe they may be Star Children seems undeniable.” (page 160).

5. “We are being gradually turned into Star Children-or, as Sprinkle calls them, Cosmic Citizens, or indeed, as Ring would have it, Omega People.” (page 205).

6. “Are you a Star Child?
- Unusual phobias
- Out driving or walking and avoid certain areas
- Seen a UFO
- Have vivid UFO dreams
- Have flying/floating/lucid dreams
- Sudden intense interest in psychic phenomena, space, the sea?
- Early vivid memories
- As a child experienced strange figures in the bedroom
- Age 3-10 believe wardrobe could move or talk
- Interested in poetry, creative writing, chess
- Have missing time episode(s) (page 207).

Randles concept of Star Children is  “People living amongst us whose origins are other than human.” Some believe they come from another planet-others feel used in a global plan to develop new humans.

1995- Dilys Gater

In 1995, Dilys Gater, in her first book titled “A Psychic’s Casebook” wrote that she received letters from people re the book’s chapter “Angels, Aliens and Star Children.” “…apparently intrigued readers…the descriptions I had given of encounters with individuals who felt they did not belong on the earth…” (page 1 of Gater, Dilys. 2005. “Understanding Star children.” Capall Bann Publishing. Somerset UK. ISBN 186163 254 1).

1999 - Back to Indigo children
Image courtesy of Amazon Books
In 1999, Lee Carroll and Jan Tober, in their book titled “The Indigo Children.”  (Hay House. Carlsbud. California) wrote:

1. “What is an Indigo child?” “…an Indigo child is one who displays a new and unusual set of psychological attributes and shows a pattern of behaviour generally undocumented before.” (page 1).

2. “Here are ten of the most common traits of Indigo children:

1. They come into the world with a feeling of royalty (and often act like it)
2. They have a feeling of “deserving to be here,” and are surprised when others don’t share that.
3. Self-worth is not a big issue. They often tell the parents “who they are.”
4. They have difficulty with absolute authority (authority without explanation or choice.)
5. They simply will not do certain things; for example waiting line is difficult for them.
6. They get frustrated with systems that are ritual-oriented and don’t require creative thought.
7. They often see better ways of doing things, both at home and in school, which makes them seem like “system busters” (nonconforming to any system.)
8. They seem antisocial unless they are with their own kind If there are no others with like consciousness, they often turn inward, feeling like no other human understands them. School is often extremely difficult for them socially.
9. They will not respond to ‘guilt’ discipline (“Wait till your father gets home and finds out what you did.”)
10. They are not shy in letting you know what they need.”

3. “Why Indigo?”  - there have been various systems for grouping human behaviour. (page 2).

4. In 1982 Nancy Ann Tappe had a book published titled “ Understanding your life through color.” ISBN 0-940399-00-8. Starling Publishers, Carlsbad, California. “…first known publication where the behaviour patterns of these new children were identified.” Tappe classed human behaviour in terms of colors. “One of the color groups in her work …Indigo…” (Page 5).

5. According to Tappe there are four types of Indigo:
- Humanist
- Conceptual
- Artist
- Inter-dimensional (page 11).

6. Robert Gerard wrote “Indigos came to save the planet, their parents, and their friends as emissaries from Heaven…” (page 37)

7. Interview with Nancy Tappe. “Nancy are there any of these Indigos here for the first time?” “yes, some are. There are some who have already gone through the third dimension, and there are some, I think who came from another planet. That’s the inter-planets Indigo-why I call them interdimensional.” (page 126.)

8. Dr Laurie Joy Pinkham wrote “Both of my children have been unusual in the sense of their experiences. Scott used to wake me up at night to go outside and look at the spaceships he was seeing…His brother Mark would call me into his room at night and ask if I could see the spaceman standing there, or the flying saucers…” (page 143).

9. Not all Indigo children are ADD or ADHD! Not all ADD and ADHD children are Indigo! (page 153).

2001 - More on Indigo children 

In January 2001, Lee Caroll and Jan Tober, published “An Indigo celebration.” (Hay House. Carlsbad, California) and among their comments were:

1. “…we started hearing more and more about a new kind of child…an interchange between adult and child that was unexpected and seemingly atypical of what our generation…had experienced.”  “We think that humankind is evolving, and the kids are the proof?” (page x).

2. “…others actually concluded that we were promoting the fact that these new children on Earth were space aliens! We weren’t, but we were telling people that we felt that this was new kind of evolution of humanity.” (Page xii).

3. “Many who are in their 40’s and 50’s feel that they meet all the Indigo criteria! Could it be that they were forerunners of the Indigo?” (page 113).

2003 - Mary Rodwell 

Image courtesy of Amazon Books
In 2003, Australian researcher Mary Rodwell brought her own perspective to the literature in her book “Awakening.” (Beyond Publications. ISBN 1-903782-03-1).

Chapter 9 discussed Star Children:

- “These new children are given many names, but the name most commonly used is “Star Children.’” (Page 130)

- Other terms are Indigo Children; Children of the blue ray; Smart Kids; Children of light. The Millenium Children. Golden Children. (page 130)

- Dr Roger Leir speaks of:
- Accelerated physical development
- Higher intelligence
- Improved psychic abilities (page 130)

- “Dr Leir says that he believes the answer to this involves the alien manipulation of human genetics.” (page 131)

- “…Richard Boylan…not only acknowledges the evidence for Homo Noeticus, but believes they exist in such large numbers that he is able to run workshops for them and their parents.” (page 131) They are like little adults in children’s bodies; have a gaze and knowingness that belies their years; believed to be brought about by a telepathic downloading of  information; children of both human and extraterrestrial origin; ET contribution coming from genetic engineering (page 131)

Rodwell’s research about these children included:

- Walks at 8 months
- Reads at 2 years
- Advanced psychic abilities (page 131)

- Ann Andrews who wrote “Abducted” believes her son Jason is a Star Child

- What are the indications for a Star Child?
- Children with memory gaps in childhood
- Contact – night time visitors or taken during the day
- Unusual stories from the child
- Will talk about their experiences with fluency and consistency (page 145)

- Pages 145-147 provides a very lengthy list of what signs to look out for in terms of feelings, physical, PSI ability and anomalous phenomena

- “A proportion of experiencers have had their children diagnosed as being ADD or ADH…” (page 149)

- US author Dana Redfields “ET-Human link, We are the messenger” she writes about Golden Children. Smart kids. Wonder children. (Page 155)

- Caryl Dennis & Parker Whitman – book – “The Millennium Children” – children who demonstrate psychic abilities. High intelligence. Awareness of other dimensions. (page 156)

- Paul Dong “Mysteries in Mainland China” – extraordinary human faculties found in Chinese children. (page 156)

- James Twyman “Emissary of Love, The psychic children speak to the world.” Bulgarian children psychic powers and wisdom. (page 156)

- Dr Berrenda Fox – amazing DNA cellular changes; some people developed new strands of DNA. (page 156).

2003 - Margaret Tracey
Image courtesy of Amazon Books
Also in 2003, appeared a book about Australian Indigo children, written by Margaret Tracey titled  “Aussie Indigos.” (BSF Publications. Kialla West Vic. ISBN 0-9750694-0-3):

1. Margaret was a Primary school teacher, has two Indigo children, Matthew now 22 and Joel 17.

- Both boys were easily distracted
- Had night terrors
- Were bed wetters
- Often related better to adults
- Joel would ask complicated questions about God, death and the stars
- Both were very intelligent
- Between ages 5 and 15 the school system changed them and in adolescence they had low self-esteem, learning difficulties, were anxious and paranoid
- Reading and research led to a diagnosis of ADHD and the use of the medicine Ritalin (page 8).

2. In 2002 “…my Mora Therapist asked me if I was familiar with the term Indigo Children.” Margaret then read the books by Carroll and Tober. (page 9).

3. Margaret has a website at

2005 - Dilys Gater

Two years later, Dilys Gater  published “Understanding Star children.” (Capall Bann Publishing. Somerset UK. ISBN 186163 254 1).

1. In her first book in 1995 titled “A Psychic’s Casebook” she received letters from people re the book’s chapter “Angels, Aliens and Star Children.” “…apparently intrigued readers…the descriptions I had given of encounters with individuals who felt they did not belong on the earth…” (page 1).

2. Her pointers to Star Children are:
- Deep, disturbing sense of being “different”
- May have undergone meetings with fairies; elementals; communication with other worlds or dimensions, aliens or UFOs
- Almost invariably undergone some kind of near-death experience (page 19).

3. “…the most significant characteristic of a “Star Child” is an extreme over-reaction if asked whether they want  ‘to go home’…” (p20).

4. Younger Indigo children under age 7 are called “Crystal children.”

2007- Mary Rodwell

Mary Rodwell, in 2007,  set out further information in an article “The new humans: 5th root race, indigos, China’s super psychics & Star Children.” This article appeared in the  “UFOlogist”  Vol 10 No 5  pp 25-29 and Vol 10 no 6 pp 47-51.

The article mentions:

- Pravda Sep 2004 article about a 7 year old boy in Russia who spoke of his life on Mars
- Edgar Cayce speaking of a new humanity –the 5th root race –appearing 1998-2010
- The recent emergence of Indigo children
- UFOlogists researching ETs experienced by children
- Mentions Doreen Virtue; Lee Carroll & Jan Tober-
- Research by Dr Roger Leir “I have come to the conclusion that the rapid advancement of our human species is due to alien intervention in our bodies and minds.”
- Dr Richard Boylan is President of the Star Kids project in the USA
- Star Children have higher physical and psychological functioning; enhanced psychic and intuitive abilities; awareness of universal knowledge; and their true genetic origins
- Cites some Australian examples
- Proposes ufo researchers should have a broader approach to their subject
- Talks about her work at ACERN
- Symbols, images that experiencers reveal assists validate their experiences
- New Russian DNA research  documented by Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf
- Chinese research.

2008 - Meg Blackburn Losey


In 2008, appeared the book  Blackburn Losey, Meg.  “Conversations with the children of now.” (New Page Books. Franklin Lakes, NJ. ISBN 13: 978-1-56414-978-7).

1. “They are very special children, for they represent what many are calling a new consciousness on Earth…an evolvement of humanity that you can see right in the minds of the youngest humans alive.” Lee Carroll in the foreword. (p11).

2. The theme is that the education system can’t cope with these new type of children. (page 11).

3. “There are thousands, if not millions of these amazing children in our world today, and they are part of a great revolution in the consciousness of humanity.” (Page 13).

4. “What is presently occurring is a startling phenomenon; we have begun to progress into a fast-forward evolution. The intricate inner workings of our DNA are changing, and their brain waves are beginning to function more fully than ever before. Brain-wave relationships are spontaneously moving with higher vibrational patterning as the electromagnetic fields within our DNA. (pages13-14).

5. “The Indigo were the first to appear.”
- “The crystalline children” are sensitive beings who are often telepathic; have natural healing abilities, are perceptive beyond our imaginings; and are here on Earth as representatives of who we once were.”
- “The Star Kids” are highly intelligent beings whose DNA segments from our root races and have become active.”
- Transitional children – neither Indigo nor crystalline. Believe they are different.
- The beautiful silent ones – generally with physical dysfunction (page 14).

6. Crystalline children, Star Children, Indigo children remember past lives-some choose their parents and remember being born. (page 55).

7. Asked what they remember “…the star children often spoke of memories of distant planets in faraway galaxies.” (page 56).

8. The book consists of lots of interviews with a number of children.

9. “…many of these children are being diagnosed errantly with attention deficit disorder (ADD), attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD), and autism.”  (Page 195).

Key concepts

A summary of all the above is difficult, but perhaps the key themes running through all the material includes: 

“We think that humankind is evolving, and the kids are the proof?” (2001 - Carroll, Lee and Tober, Jan. “An Indigo celebration.” Hay House. Carlsbad, California. px)

“…others actually concluded that we were promoting the fact that these new children on Earth were space aliens! We weren’t, but we were telling people that we felt that this was new kind of evolution of humanity.” (2001 - Carroll, Lee and Tober, Jan.  “An Indigo celebration.” Hay House. Carlsbad, California. P xii.)

“Dr Leir says that he believes the answer to this involves the alien manipulation of human genetics.” (2003 - Rodwell, Mary. “Awakening.” Beyond Publications. p131.)

“…an evolvement of humanity that you can see right in the minds of the youngest humans alive.” (Lee Carroll in 2008 - Blackburn Losey, Meg.  “Conversations with the children of now.” New Page Books. Franklin Lakes, NJ p11).

Further comments

As the reader will note, all these writers and all the different names they use, suggests but one theme. Lea Kapiteli's current thoughts have a lengthy pedigree.

I welcome comments from blog readers. 


  1. I never thought I'd say this Keith but you disappoint me! What a load of codswallop!!! Why would you even consider mentioning material like this in your blog? I assumed your site's concept was scientific in nature, pragmatic in outlook and evidence-centric.

    There is absolutely ZERO validity with any of this, and even less possible, even if one spent a lifetime investigating it! Not only that but it stretches credulity to the nth degree.... Extraterrestrial friends, multidimensionality, inter-dimensional beings, etc etc - c'mon!!

    This is a heavily bloody disturbed individual. The 'experiences' involving her would not even make it to the worst, outrageous off the planet sci-fi novel. Look at the references you quote - some of Australasia's biggest nut cases like Marianna Flynn and Mary Rodwell.

    Sorry but this leaves me cold plus! Why are you even entertaining writing about this stuff? It's the crap UFO clubs run with -- Mate, if your blog is going to filter this sort of material onto your pages please delete me from your mailing list.

    Sorry but this is just plain ridiculous and by running it you're proliferating the cancer that is eating away true, scientific Ufo Research. Your blog carries the title "Scientific Research"... I'm amazed!

    1. Hi Dave. Thank you for your perspective on this one post, merely one out of several hundred posts published to date on this blog.

      As you are aware there are many perspectives in this subject area of ours. The claims of experiencers; abductees, etc etc cannot be examined unless you take the time to a)publish what people are claiming; b) analyse this material, and then c)publish your own comments, with carefully reasoned arguments.

      In the 1990's I spent three years examining the claims of Australian experiencers/abductees. I ran a national level organisation which interviewed dozens of such individuals. I worked with a couple of mainstream psychologists; conducted scientific research and published articles on our findings. In the main I suggested that there was more to be learned about the human mind;and psychological/physiological conditions such as sleep paralysis; fantasy-prone personality and hypnopompic/hypnagogic imagery than UFOs.

      Move forward to 2016, and we have even more incredible stories being put forward. Maybe it is all in the mind, and nothing to do with the UFO phenomenon. However, I am not going to rush to conclude this, without closely examining what is being presented to us today. The first step in this new look is to let my blog readers know what it being claimed. To do this I quote what individuals are saying is happening to them. The next step is to analyse this in light of what we know about psychology/physiology/neuroscience.

      Dave, I cannot recall reading a recent article/paper of yours in which you examine such claims, set out what they are saying, analyse the material, offer a scientific hypothesis, test this out and publish your results in a well reasoned article. Until you do so, I suggest you refrain from emotionally based, biased statements about individuals.

      As requested, I have removed you from my mailing list.

  2. This also sounds like also.

    Recently, after 30 years of private research, I have concluded that the UFO phenomena and paranormal/spiritual/near death etc. phenomena are just our categorisations of the same larger phenomena. Our focus on certain categorisations limit us from the full comprehension.

    It would seem that the universe has significantly more dimensions than we are typically aware of. String Theory, dark matter and dark energy support the scientific possibility of other dimensions.

    There is also speculation that gravity is such a weak force because it leaks between dimensions. Meaning that dark matter and energy could be from mass in other dimensions. It also could be a bridge for communication and paranormal effects.

    All of this becomes interesting when we add in the possibility that life will naturally evolve where ever it can, which includes then other dimensions.

    The existence of other dimensions has consequences for both time and space travel, and remote information gathering.

    There are a significant amount of channelled information claiming to be from these other dimensions and describing how it all fits together. One example is

    The universe view in the above material unites both paranormal experiences and UFOs into a logical (if difficult to adjust to/comprehend) framework.

    It dates from 1982 and states that a "harvest" is in progress where our 3-dimensional selves are allegedly moving to 4-dimensional selves. It also claims that in the 4th dimension (they use the word "density") that their is less confusion because information is easily instantly accessed. Taking this seemingly preposterous idea and applying it to "Star Children" who are "downloading" information and are aware of past lives and there is a convergence of the claims.

    Since science can't deal with that which it can't detect, measure and observe and is dismissive of witness claims we are unable to use science to guide us through what is true and what isn't with this. Since science is a reaction against the failings religion and belief it is extremely reluctant to throw itself into this.

    This makes me reconsider the 1950's contactees and alleged civilisations in our own solar system when I add in that these civilisations might be dimensionally shifted.

    Do aliens see ghosts?

  3. Keith, there is a lot to read here but you got me intrigued and so I read every word. I for one cannot question the possibilities of the"New Human" concept. Unfortunately I need more proof than what is offered here. I cannot take this on trust, if Lea claims to have alien DNA then the test must be done, it's the smoking gun. Also Lea never mentions anything that answers the bigger picture, who we are. Where are we from, interdementional, from where, examples of super human abilities. Telepathic ability etc. At the moment it's a concept not proven reality.

    1. Hi Andrew, I agree with your comment that "At the moment it's a concept not proven reality."


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