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June 2015 - Australian monthly reports roundup

June 2015 Australian national level sightings listing

Compiled by Keith Basterfield and Paul Dean

This is the ninth in a series of listings, which are on a 12 months trial.  We have circulated a short questionnaire to regular readers, to determine the ongoing value of these listings. Readers are again advised that most of these sightings have not been investigated.

June reports:

1 June 2015 0425hrs Heathcote Road, Sydney, New South Wales ? secs Under investigation
Two men were driving through a bushland section of the road, when the driver saw a bright light appear, which zoomed up behind the car. It was visible in  both the rear view and driver's side mirrors. The driver changed to the left lane, but the light remained behind the vehicle. It seemed only three metres above the ground. The vehicle was travelling at 110kph. The light then went backwards at high speed behind them. The driver saw the light fading over the horizon. The driver did not have time to inform his brother, the passenger about his observation. The driver was very familiar with the area.
Bill Chalker.

8 June 2015 2000hrs Newcastle, New South Wales ? mins Raw
Tiger writes:
"3 different and behaving objects seen across the sky over 90 minutes. Captured two events with HD video camera and the footage is amazing at 200x zoom. The best video taken viewing west from Newcastle just above horizon from 2010pm and one object  seen morphing 3 routines for 30 mins whilst floating about and making impossible direction moves from orb Sphere/s to white brilliant coloured coffee cup shape with purple hue outline and something possibly attached to its top section  then morphs and begins to cloak as it departs heading 45 deg upward until vanishing.

9 June 2015 ?hrs Beckenham, Perth. Western Australia ? mins Raw
At an outdoor birthday celebrations children were looking at the stars, "When lights were first noticed I thought it was a domestic airplane..." 3 lights grouped, flashing at "...roughly the same rate as a normal aircraft..." When directly above they turned west and after 30 seconds they disappeared." There was an aircraft landing at Perth at the same time.

9 June 2015 1200hrs Pacific Pines, Queensland ? mins Raw
UFO visited for two nights. An aircraft flew behind it. On the second night, witness used the zoom on his phone camera. When they looked up the object had gone. They looked to their right and saw intense bright lights. They were scared so they went inside.

9 June 2015 2015hrs Beckenham, Perth, Western Australia ? mins Raw
The witness reported seeing three lights in the sky, flashing at the same rate as an aircraft's lights. They travelled north to south at the same speed as an aircraft. When overhead, they made a sharp turn to the west. After thirty seconds of travelling westwards, they disappeared. A commercial aircraft was in the same area at the same time.

Ca. 10 June 2015 Daytime Mole Creek, Tasmania  Facebook IFO - bird
Witness took photographs of local scenery including nearby snow covered mountains. On later viewing pictures, a dark spot was noticed in the sky above the mountains. Nothing was seen at the time. Analysis suggests a bird caught in the field of view.

10 June 2015 1830hrs Gympie, Queensland ? mins Raw
The Gympie Times sports photographer took a picture of a light at 35 degrees elevation and azimuth 315 degrees (north-west). The image shows a purple light.

11 June 2015 1805hrs EST Mollymook, Australia  5 secs Raw
A flickering/shimmering point of light moved across the sky at 65 degrees elevation and in the S to SSW.
National UFO Reporting Center USA.

11 June 2015 2147hrs Kingsmeadows, Tasmania ? Mins Facebook IFO - star
Witness reports watching a very bright light in the northern sky. It moves about a bit whilst under observation. Observation of a star.

12 June 2015 0630hrs Oakey, Queensland 1 min Raw
FieldEquip employee Greg Young took a sunrise photograph on his iPhone, after looking at the sky and seeing a triangular object flying through clouds. He showed the photo to fellow employee Darren Mauger. Mauger went outside but saw nothing unusual. The newspaper article shows the photo.

Reported 14 June 2015 No location given Raw
Jameeka Graham said "I have been abducted several times by the same light in the sky..."

18 June 2015 Ca 3pm Jacobs Well, Queensland ? mins Raw
Michael and some friends were on their way home from school. They noticed " unusual silver object floating nearby. It appeared small but this may have been due to distance. It was also absolutely silent. We were almost home, and while just chatting I noticed this object floating past." Michael provided a map of the sighting location, and a sketch of the object. "It appeared to be floating south over Kangaroo Island."

19 June 2015 1820hrs Karnup, Western Australia ? mins Raw
Driving home in the dark, witness saw "...a red glowing ball of light in the sky north of my location." He pulled up his vehicle, but saw the object go into clouds. Then another " glowing ball" became visible in the same area. It flew from north to south overhead and disappeared into clouds. Then there was a third, and fourth seen and videoed on iPhone. He drove off and saw a fifth object.

19 June 2015 1650hrs Perth, Western Australia 1 sec Raw
"I saw in the clouds a fast moving white streak of a craft. It was not a regular aircraft as it moved much too fast and was only visible for a split second between the clouds as it past through."

20 June 2015 1800hrs Windsor, Melbourne, Victoria 30mins Under investigation
Bright light seen in the sky. Originally "...thought it was a plane but then noticed it moving (quite rapidly) however for the most part it was floating. The light was within cloud layers." Checked FlightRadar24 but there were no planes in the area. No Moon.

20 June 2015 1930hrs Kilmore, Victoria ? mins Raw Under investigation
Robert reported seeing a bright, orange coloured orb, fairly intense, drifting low, through clouds, from SW to NE. No sound.

21 June 2015 1850hrs Patterson lakes, Victoria (5-10)mins Under investigation
Three people watched an object, which was also videoed and still photographs taken on an iPhone 5. "The UFO just hovered for a few minutes then flew to the right, then just shot off." No sound. It appeared to be the same size as a star. Partly cloudy skies. Moon out.

24 June 2015 1740hrs Lindisfarne, Tasmania ? mins Facebook & ABC local radio IFO - meteor or space junk
Brief view of a bright light (or lights) falling in northern sky. Report to TUFOIC and local media. Meteor or space junk burn up.

28 June 2015 (1800-1830)hrs Redcliffe Peninsula, Brisbane, Queensland Several mins IFO- hot air balloon
Jan reported two orange lights in the sky, to the west, travelling north-west. One light "split" into two. One part fell to the ground, the other went on then disappeared. The second whole light, also then disappeared.

30 June 2015 Evening Blue Knob, New South Wales ? mins Raw
Suddenly a "fireball" came into sight. "My first thought was that it was a plane on fire, but it steadily made its way silently across the sky with no smoke or being in distress, and then another appeared and followed the first one-and then another. They were three fireball flying objects too high to make out what shape they really were, but colour wise yellow and orange and appeared kind of flimsy...They all disappeared at a certain spot in the night sky."

Older reports:

31 May 2015 (1700hrs)? Chatswood, New South Wales 45mins Raw
David Payne was looking west at 50 degrees elevation. It was a clear evening sky. he noticed a small object, flashing red and white lights, out to the east over the sea. It was 45 minutes of hovering. Going up and down. "...hover again head left at great speed not plane/helicopter no noise..."

31 May 2015 (1630-1700)hrs Blacktown, Sydney, New South Wales 20 mins Raw
Jason and his wife saw what "...looked like a flock of birds flying but changed direction very quickly and changed its size." Witnesses were looking in the direction of Campbelltown. It disappeared and reappeared.

31 May 2015 1720hrs Top of Fullarton Road, Adelaide, South Australia
An object descended to twice the height of a house, in the sky. There was no sound. There were no lights on it. "Black rectangular shape with no clear edges/no windows/doors...Matt finish with no reflection...watched it turn from horizontal to vertical manoeuvre within a second and shoot straight up and past the clouds."
Dasher Spaceski - Adelaide UFO sightings Facebook page.

25 & 27 May 2015 1950hrs Australian Capital Territory / mins Raw
On the 25th was driving home when the witness saw a really bright object, low in the sky. On the 27th saw two similar objects.
UFOPRSA Phenomena Times June 2015.

16 May 2015 2030hrs Brockman, Australia 10 mins Raw
"Brighter orange sphere descending from the sky. Observes it descending from sky. A bright orange glow. It hovered over a certain altitude and it made zig-zag movements. It sometimes disappeared but it would reappear within 1-2 seconds."
National UFO Reporting Center USA.

16 May 2015 1337hrs Port Willunga, South Australia Under investigation
A man watched a plane travelling over, and took a few still shots of it. He didn't notice anything else in the area at the time. However, when he later looked at the photographs, there was another object visible in the shots. When the image was enlarges, a "saucer shaped" object is visible.
Email from photographer to Keith Basterfield.

16 May 2015 2106hrs Sydney, New South Wales 1min Raw
While filming a Moonrise, the witness noticed an eastbound 737 approach to Mascot airport. They videoed the aircraft. Upon playback they saw a "...bright dull-orange orb.

15 May 2015 ? hrs Beaconsfield, Perth, Western Australia ? mins Raw
"I was seeing again a lot of commercial aircraft...I saw two aircraft coming from the NE...south. I saw a huge craft coming which had 3 ball lights beneath it with a small red flashing light in the centre of the 3."

14 May 2015 1900hrs Teewaa Beach, Queensland 60 mins Raw
Orange lights were visible out to sea, for 20-30 seconds at a time. They appeared rectangular in shape.
UFOPRSA Phenomena Times June 2015.

13 May 2015 0450hrs Razorback, New South Wales 5 mins Raw
Witness was looking through the bedroom window at the stars. An object glided past, very low in the sky. Could see underneath it, and viewed two rings of lights. Also saw white lights on its wings. No sound.
UFOPRSA Phenomena Times June 2015.

11 May 2015 (2045-2100)hrs Wamberal, New South Wales 40 secs Under Investigation
A woman was driving south-west in a car, along The Entrance Road. At about 2045-2100hrs she sighted two, quite bright,circular, yellow in colour, lights in the sky, visible through her windscreen.
When she initially saw them, she slowed down her vehicle. She watched as she drove towards them. They were "...roughly half the size of the top of a street light." They were diagonally right across from each other, in a pair, not far apart. Eventually she drove under the. When she looked in her rear vision mirror there was no lights were visible. The total duration was about 40 seconds. There was no associated noise. Initially, she thought " might have been a reflection, so I turned around and drove the road again to have them not appear. Before and after that night I have never seen those lights and I have lived here for 12 years."
(Emails to Keith Basterfield.)

7 May 2015 0010hrs Bronte, New South Wales 1 min Raw
"I noticed a very bright white mass of lights, quite low" in the sky. "Looked at it through binoculars and it was quite strange like fractured glass." Moon behind me. Got a camera and took one shot which showed a greenish oval or disc and a bright white mass.
\UFOPRSA Phenomena Times June 2015.

6 May 2015 1820hrs Southern Highlands, New South Wales ? mins Raw
While stargazing witness saw a light of the same brightness as Venus. Travelling faster than a jet. No strobe lights. heading south-east. Through binoculars it looked like a star or planet.
UFOPRSA Phenomena Times June 2015.

23 April 2015 2002hrs Queensland (8-10) secs Raw
Two people star gazing in their backyard saw a "Strange v shaped formation" moving quickly across the sky. No sound.
UFOPRSA Phenomena Times June 2015.

15 April 2015 2040hrs St Andrews Few mins Raw
Five lights in a circular motion starting in a small circle then spinning.
UFOPRSA Phenomena Times June 2015.

24 August 2014 1814hrs Hobart, Tasmania / mins Raw/IFO - hot air balloon
"I was driving over the Tasman Bridge coming up over the highway  I saw five bright orb lights and they became distant without really seeing that they became distant was really weird but they kinda kept going up and up and disappear." There are five images attached to the report which show orange lights.
TUFOIC also has this report on file and concluded that it was hot air balloons.

7 July 2013 1720hrs Shellharbour, New South Wales 2mins Raw
Witness has the sensation of being watched. They saw a large, round, black object hovering in the sky. No noise. No wings, nor tail nor lights. It moved slowly to the right. After a couple of minutes it stopped moving. All of a sudden moved upward at 45 degree angle and disappeared from view.
UFOPRSA Phenomena Times June 2015.

2011 (?) 2116hrs(?) Mario, Victoria 5 mins Under investigation
"3 orange lights following 200 metres part in a straight line very low almost directly overhead moving slowly in tandem from the sea to the south, in a northerly direction along the coast, zero noise."

20 December 1981 2130hrs Flemington, New South Wales ? mins Raw
Driving along when "...a craft came into my view, at about 100 ft, it was a massive, dark, metallic and travelling north south...and descending quickly."
UFOPRSA Phenomena Times June 2015.

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UFO and Paranormal Research Society of Australia

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