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July 2015 - Australian monthly reports roundup

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This is the tenth in an initial twelve monthly series of Australian national level sightings listings. Regular readers will be aware that most of these reports are in raw format; meaning that they have not been investigated.


Last month we circulated a questionnaire asking readers to consider what value the listings were to them. Thank you to those who responded. The consensus was that the lists are of value to people, and that people would like to read both raw and investigated reports. However, the preparation of the listings has been taking up quite a bit of our time, with part  of the work being a constant review of Australian Facebook pages reporting sightings, and videos submitted to YouTube,. Both of these sources provide a frustrating experience when trying to extract even the most basic of data points. Thus this listing should not be seen as a comprehensive source of Australian sightings.

After production of the twelfth in the series, we will then be in a position to decide on the future of the listings.

Sighting of the month

10 July 2015 (1850-1900) hrs Chinderah, New South Wales  3-5mins Investigated
A 24 year old woman, her little brother and three of his friends, and her mother, were travelling south from Tweed Heads on the highway. They spotted "...two very large orb lights in the sky to our right...At first I thought it was Venus and Jupiter then realised they were too big and moving...They were moving diagonally down then started moving horizontally looking like they were flying right towards us. They then moved across the highway and behind Chinderah petrol station.

"Myself and my brother's friend were the only ones who could view them while they hovered and moved slowly behind the trees on our left hand side of the highway. There were several cars who seemed to view it also and they all pulled into the petrol station at once and stopped on the turn off at the highway...

"The orbs then headed south again travelling the way they were and then they were right in view on the left hand side of the car about 100-200 metres above us (mine and my brother's friend's side.)

"They started to cross back over to the right side of the highway and hovered directly above out car whilst we were going about 70km. The first orb manifested itself into a craft that I  have randomly found a hand drawn picture that was posted 5 days ago that describes what Dane and I saw exactly. The other people in the car did not see the full craft because it was hovered over the car more on our side.

"It moved very slow, and the second orb light was about 100 metres behind the craft. The craft then manifested into the orb again and both of them continued in the direction they were currently flying.

"We drove to Pottsville (20kms) and dropped off one of the kids off and decided to go back to the petrol station on the coast road to ask if anyone saw what we saw. On the way, I'm Cabarita Beach. I noticed there were many planes in the sky at once and they weren't moving like planes. They were in a triangle shape with blue white and red lights at each point and there were 7 at the sky at once,
I focused on one in particular that then disappeared in front of my eyes.

"I have pictures of a sighting in Byron last year that is the same as the first sighting with the orbs, but ours were much closer. I then have the hand drawn picture that describes the craft to a T and the drawing underneath describes the second sighting perfectly as well with the triangles. "

Read the full investigation report at:

12 June 2015 0630hrs Oakey, Queensland 1 min Raw FieldEquip employee Greg Young took a sunrise photograph on his iPhone, after looking at the sky and seeing a triangular object flying through clouds. He showed the photo to fellow employee Darren Mauger. Mauger went outside but saw nothing unusual. The newspaper article shows the photo.
Keith Basterfield contacted UFO Research (Queensland) to determine if they had researched this case, they had not. He then asked, given that the location was in Queensland if it was alright for him to follow it up? UFOR(Qld) responded that this was ok with them. An investigation was conducted and the full investigation report may be read at:

July sightings

2 July 2015 1911hrs Townsville, Queensland 1 hour Raw
Walking home, a witness saw "...very bright lights hovering in the sky." After an hour " had moved a bit to the left."

3 July 2015 1915hrs Sydney, New South Wales ? mins Raw
Peter Gianfrancesco reported that while looking north-east over Little Bay, Sydney, he "...saw a large object brightly illuminated in the sky. It was heading in a downward trajectory, most likely travelling north-north-west." Sky was clear. Bright white light seen at first which became a "...rough cigar shape, almost like a dirty potato." There was a smoke trail behind it.

3 July 2015 2213hrs Near Nirimba, New South Wales 16mins Raw
Looking out a window witness saw a "...large bright red light in the distance." No sound. " began to descend slowly toward the state the direction of Huskisson. It appeared to lose brightness and size as it sank out of sight." A second or the same light was seen " around the same altitude and sat stationary...the second appearance of the red light disappeared (as though turned off) - no descent."

4 July 2015 1850hrs Snug, Tasmania 4 mins Facebook Telephone IFO? Balloon?
A bright fireball like light appeared from the south-west. It gradually moved to a position overhead. The witness said it now seemed to be made up of four lights. Almost at once they all faded out and nothing more could be seen. Most likely a hoax balloon device.

4 July 2015 2100hrs Scarborough, Redcliffe, Queensland 2-3mins Raw
"At first I thought it was 2 planes heading towards the Brisbane airport as they were low in the sky over the top of buildings. And then about 2-3 minutes later I look up in the sky and see 4 of the exactly same orange dots and they were slowly moving across the night sky exiting the earths  atmosphere until they were no longer visible by the naked eye."
Shannon Bain.

5 July 2015 0400hrs East Gippsland, Victoria ? mins Raw
"Very strange thing happened to me. I was driving along the highway at about 4.00 am in East Gippsland, Victoria. There were no other cars on the road or any nearby houses/buildings. All of a sudden a massive bright white light was in front of me. I thought it was a helicopter with its spotlight on but a helicopter driver wouldn't"t be as stupid to shine a light directly in front of a driver's car even near a large highway. It kept coming towards me so I started to hit the brakes. For a split second I was thinking it was a small plane crash landing on me. It hovered for a minute or two about 10-20 metres from the ground, with the light still beaming. Then it seemed to take off on a diagonal up into the sky and disappeared. I've never seen such a thing."
Although we submitted a request, via the website, to the witness to contact us, we have heard nothing from them.

5 July 2015 1910hrs Watsonia, Melbourne, Victoria 2m53s
A 2m 53s video by Brad Morris. "This could be our long awaited red pulsar. Filmed over Watsonia, also witnessed from the eastern suburbs at the same time."

6 July 2015 2100hrs Bracken Ridge, Brisbane, Queensland? mins Investigated
A woman was driving with her friend and 2 children in the car when the oldest child (age 10) saw something in the sky and brought it to her mother's attention. It was a large globe of light that came lower to the ground and then followed it for 6 to 7kms. It moved over the road then over adjacent bushland in a "slippery-slide" movement, before settling on the ground in the bushland.

The woman got out of her car and walked to the fence line of the bushland trying to see the light on the ground through the trees. She described the light emanating from the object as covering an area smaller than a car.

She then 'got the feeling' there would be more objects further down the street so she walked to where she thought they would be and she saw two  more on  the ground in the bushland.

She described the lights as yellow at the bottom and blue at the top. As it was very dark the witness didn't walk into the bush but returned the next day with her friend, however she didn't find anything. Two of our team visited the area in daylight with the witness soon after the report but failed to find any ground traces or hoax devices at the scene.
UFO Research (Queensland.)

7 July 2015 ?hrs Coffs Harbour, New South Wales ? mins Raw
While looking east, Jean reported seeing"...a triangular shape with the point at the top. It had a light at each point of a gray triangle shape, all the 3 pulsating lights were different colours, not all white...It came from the north...and went towards the south and veered off to the east...It was not a plane, nor a helicopter..."

Outside looking for the ISS to go over. Facing east "...suddenly a triangle shaped 'craft' appeared over the top of my house...came from behind trees...Three pulsating a triangle shape, yellowy green and then white. Very bright and flashed sequentially...It hovered for about 5 seconds, then shot off south for a little way (about 2 secs) then banked east towards the airport...and disappeared...It moved vertically, not horizontally...There was no sound at all...was not a plane nor a helicopter nor a drone (unless deathly silent) but did not look like a drone...My son (on the balcony of the house and unable to see it)...I was at the top of my driveway on a hill...The colour looked as though it was black with grey edges. It was a definite triangle."

Ca. 8 July 2015 Evening Mole Creek, Tasmania Facebook IFO? Reflection/flare?
A motorist took pictures of bright full Moon to the west. Later noticed two small lights in the picture. One at the top and a second duller light in the centre. Most likely reflection or lens flare.

10 July 2015 2158hrs Joondanna, Western Australia 1min IFO - aircraft
Alan observed "...what I took to be a satellite -small starlike object moving due passed near the southern cross...However, as I watched, the aircraft running lights suddenly came on and the aircraft then turned sough-west. I thought that to be unusual...While I am not reporting a UFO per se, I did not know who else to ask. I simply believed it to be an unusual aircraft practice."

15 July 2015 1010hrs Coolaroo, NNE Melbourne, Victoria 2mins 27secs Video
"Amazing object filmed above Coolaroo, tried to capture it on the Nikon but failed to find it again, possible identification at" Filmed by Brad Morris.

16 July 2015 0515hrs Perth, Western Australia  ?mins Personal observation
Witness, Amanda,  was travelling south on Roe Highway from the airport. She noticed a light in the sky over Armadale direction. " looked like four white lights spread across the wind span of  a plane, but it went bright, then dim, bright then dim....I watched it head south-east to north-west and it got closer and closer to the highway...when it got closer it started flashing green, red and believe it or not a purple? lights that lit up the underneath of the craft ...It w triangular with a red light emitting from one sound..."
Perth UFO Casebook Facebook page.

18 July 2015 2100hrs Lewisham, Tasmania 1 mins Facebook Telephone IFO - balloons
Four flare like lights noticed rising one after the other in the northern sky. They moved across towards the east and after  minute each light seems to go out or fade into the distance. Hoax balloons.

18 July 2015 2250hrs North of Bundoora, NE Melbourne, Victoria several mins Video
"Stunning night time. morphing triangle. Object appeared to be high altitude at a distance north. Filmed x2 cameras, both manual focus." 7mins 20secs video at:

19 July 2015 1413hrs Bundoora, NE Melbourne, Victoria 1min 50secsVideo
Video of a daylight high altitude sphere, flashing. Camera on tripod. Headed south-east.. Taken by Brad Morris. Available at:

21 July 2015 0634hrs Albany, Australia ? mins Raw
"Woke up and had a coffee around 6:20 proceeded to go outside onto my veranda, looked up at the horizon as the sunrise was beautiful then noticed a huge red orb sitting on the horizon a fair way away from the sun, it then sped off in a right direction stopped almost instantly, changed from red to blue in a split second then shot up into the clouds at supersonic speed."

21 July 2015 1045hrs Near Hobart, Tasmania  several mins Telephone interview Under investigation
An employee noticed a strange light on a security monitor screen. Going outside the witness could not locate anything in the sky to explain the light. Returning to the monitor the light was seen to move erratically over several minutes. Eventually it looked to stop, go grey, then move off at speed. As the monitor has no recording facility the witness took some pictures of the screen with a mobile phone. Investigation yet to be finalised.

24 July 2015 2130hrs Melbourne, Victoria ?mins Raw
"The craft was silent and flying south/west to south/east. What is it - plane, drone or UFO?" Video- 16 mins 32 secs, posted at:

25 July 2015 Late afternoon Ocean Beach, New South Wales 2mins Raw
Gloria noticed " object flying from SSW to NNE. About a minute later, a small plane flew very fast circled from north to south so it intercepted the flying plane or object, narrowly missed it, up ahead to the south over the water. In the time it took to blink my eyes in surprise, the object had disappeared without a trace."
Tuggerah Lakes UFO Group Facebook page.

28 July 2015 (1900-1930)hrs Berwick, Melbourne, Victoria 5mins Raw
A woman reported that her family saw an " ball of light in the night sky." Stationary for 5 minutes then "...zoomed off within a second and disappeared into the atmosphere...It was in th direction  of kept going really bright orange colour to a dull orange then really bright every second."

Older reports

28 June 2015 1530hrs Umina Beach, Queensland ? mins
Two ladies, Adrianne and Gloria saw, "...a round white object flying around Lion Island, that looked like a white ball from where we were at Umina beach. It was darting off in all directions like a UFO and took off over Palm beach area in the end. It was down really low." Adrianne added "It went up and down high so u cd see it then lower and it was not on a straight trajectory. Finally it flew off at a sloping kind of angle towards past Palm beach then lost sight." Gloria added "It was far too big to be a drone of any kind...I first saw it circling Lion Island and pointed it out to Adrianne who was with me when it began flying more erratically; not like a was flying fairly low over the island, maybe 50 metres up."
Tuggerah Lake UFO Group Facebook page.

18 July 2014 0310hrs Narrabeen, Sydney, New South Wales 1.5 mins Raw
A man was woken by loud crackling noises. He opened his eyes and saw the lounge room lit up with white light seeming to come  from outside. He got out of bed and opened the drapes to see about 12 objects in his yard that were close to the ground, circular and looked like wagon wheels with radiating spokes. They ranged from approx. 4 to 2 feet  in diameter (120-60cm), were flashing like strobe lights, and the "spokes of the wheel" were radiating a blue/grey light. he watched the objects for a good 90 seconds as they lit up his entire front yard, then split up into three groups. They moved between his property and the next two properties in the street before silently moving down to street level then they regrouped and "poof" they were gone. The "wheels" looked 2 dimensional as they easily passed through a Jacaranda tree on the witness' property. The witness felt they were living beings.
UFO Research (Queensland.)

1995 2000hrs The Entrance, New South Wales ?mins Under investigation
"I was sitting with a friend on a headland at The Entrance, north of Sydney, Australia looking east over the ocean. It was around 8pm and we were there at random - we went for a drive to visit some relatives up that way. All of a sudden the sky in front of us seemed to "shudder," as if something was entering the airspace. My friend reacted like I did - about to run. I said "Did you see that!" In front of us was a gigantic craft- it would have been over 1km wide, & the aspect was the same as if you looked at a jet from the front. It looked like a pyramid on its side, looking up at the point. We could just make out the right angles. The thing was silent, and we felt rather eerie, & got the hell out of there. Interestingly, around that time there were multiple sightings of smaller craft reported but as far as I now we were the only witnesses to this thing."
UFO Research (NSW) Incorporated.

Australian groups contributing to this issue

ACERN Website:

Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre

Tuggerah Lake UFO group:
Facebook page.

UFO Research (NSW) Incorporated.

UFO Research (Queensland)
Hotline: 07 3376 1780
Facebook page.

Hotline: 0456 447 112
Facebook page:

Note: The US based Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) collects reports from Australia but does not provide public details of their investigation reports of these sightings.

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  1. I think the reports could be made much more interesting if the reported sightings were based on a scale on how much more info can be extrapolated or the uniqueness of a case file - this would reduce the listings to a more manageable level but leaves in the standouts.


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