Friday, August 26, 2011

The Clare 'window' area part two

The June 2011 bedroom event (see previous post) immediately reminded both Kathy Dickmann and I of an earlier event from Clare.

At 5.40am on 10 July 1989 Stephen and Fiona Longman of Clare, awoke to see a one metre diameter very bright, yellow-white light, hovering 10 metres away in their lounge, above a sofa. The light was self-contained and did not illuminate its surroundings.

Strangely, although their feet were covered by a sheet, two blankets and a thin quilt, the top five or six centimetres of both their feet were "glowing." Like an x-ray, it was possible to see individual toes.

While looking at the ball, suddenly, as if a light switch had been pressed, the ball of light simply disappeared from their view. It was no longer there.

The total duration of the event was three minutes. Despite the very unusual nature of what had just happened, both of them simply fell back asleep.

The Clare "window":

In the late 1960's and early 1970's the Clare region of South Australia saw large numbers of UFO reports coming forward. A number of colleagues and I spent our weekends interviewing witnesses, and conducting sky watches in the hope of seeing something ourselves.

There were reports of unusual red lights floating over isolated hilltops. I recall one puzzled farmer I interviewed who told me he had been inside a shed when a voice in his head told him to look at the sky. Going outside, in broad daylight, he saw a pearl shaped, shiny object travelling slowly across the sky.

In addition to the visual elements, there were reports of strange underground noises coming from a disused mine, and vibrations felt inside a house which according to the nearby Seven Hills seismic station were not earth tremors.

My colleagues and I also experienced some odd events on the Camel's Hump, a range of hills outside Clare. On one occasion a ball of light was seen rolling down a hillside from below. However it was not visible from the top of the hills where I was. There was also a column of warm air on a cold hillside, which we were able to walk back and forth through.

Just as quickly as reports started occurring, they died down. The area settled back to generating the average number of reports which could come from any part of the state.

So, the June 2011 light inside a bedroom made me wonder if the Clare "window" is opening up again? Only time will tell.


  1. I find these accounts fascinating although it's difficult to have certainty that they happened in any real sense. Hypnopompic states could be a likely candidate unless the couple are both in agreement what they saw.

    A reason why I'm open-minded is that I've had a couple of similar incidents. Two years ago, I woke up and saw a spherical, pulsing object roll through the opposite wall and along the ceiling. It was football-sized and these square 'towers' were rising and falling as it moved. It was halfway out of the ceiling and rolling in my direction. It was so unusual and 'real' that I calmly watched its slow approach and focused on the details. The sphere reached the ceiling above my head and came down the wall to me. It wasn’t threatening and I was filled with curiosity and wonder. As it reached the point of just above my head, I had the notion (too much Hollywood) that it would pass through me or in me. I began to reach up to touch it. Instead, it 'submerged' through the wall and was gone. I reached up and put my hand to the wall and felt no warmth or evidence that this had happened.

    Rather than go to sleep, I lay there and went over what had just happened. Even now, I can remember it all quite clearly and don't know if I imagined it (hypnopompic) or not. The 'object' was so real, and unlike anything I've ever seen, that I can't think where my imagination would have pulled it from.

  2. Posted a comment on the other item before I read this! Yes, all somewhat 'deja vu'! Kandinsky's hypnogogic imagery may well be on the mark. As you said, Keith, some odd events even involved us investigators, including the rather odd reaction, after an event, of going straight to sleep!


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