Thursday, August 11, 2011

Aerospace companies and UFO research

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It seems to me, only logical that aerospace companies would conduct research into the UFO phenomenon.

I previously posted on this subject (click here, here, and here ). In summary, I was aware of three studies of UFOs undertaken by aerospace companies:

1. McDonnell Douglas study 1966-1970. (Source: MUFON Journal Oct 2008 - article by Dr Robert M Wood.)

2. Douglas Aircraft study 1955. (Source: Vallee, J. 2008. Forbidden Science Volume 2. Documatica Research, LLC. p.335.)

3. McDonnell Douglas study 1974-1978. (Source: Vallee, J. 2008. Forbidden Science Volume 2. Documatica Research, LLC. p.277.)

Recently, when re-reading Vallee's book Forbidden Science volume 1, page 286, I came across mention of yet another study, in a diary entry dated 30 Jun 1967.

"Now I am reading a letter to ATIC signed by A. H. Rochlen, public relations vice-president, summarizing an independent analysis that was done by the Douglas Aircraft Corporation 'within the framework of a study...having to do with unconventional propulsion methods.' The study was headed up by Dr W B Klemperer, chief engineer of their missile division. The report was distributed to R. M. Baker and A.M. Chop, the same man who was in touch with Keyhoe in the early years and eventually became the spokesman for Project Blue Book. What was he doing on the staff of Douglas and what was this study of 'unconventional propulsion?"

Have readers come across any other aerospace study of UFOs?

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