Friday, August 19, 2011

"Beyond the Matrix" part three

Continuing my notes from reading the 2010 book "Beyond the Matrix" by Patricia Cori.

Stephen Bassett:

Bassett calls for "...ending the sixty-two year, government imposed Truth Embargo regarding the extraterrestrial presence on Earth." (p.131.)

He argues, that from 1947 the US government's intentions were " some point, was to eventually let the people know." By US government he means "...the military: the people inside our government that had to deal with our national security." (pp132-133.) However, the Cold War, and the military's relationship with a variety of US presidents meant it has not yet been revealed.

"What am I saying here? This is what most people need to know: most of the people in government today, people in high positions, know there is an extraterrestrial presence." (p.137.)

On disclosure. "I happen to believe that there is reason why disclosure has to happen now. It has to happen pretty soon, and it's very possible the ETs feel the same way. If we continue to drag our feet and find excuses to put it off, they may be forced to do something dramatic." (pp148-149.)

When asked why it has to happen now, Bassett responded "Yes, I have an idea but I can't specifically say what. We are up against the wall in a lot of areas. I can't point at one of them and say, we have to disclose by a certain time." (p.149.)


This to me, is not a very satisfactory answer. At best, it is a personal opinion of Bassett's.

Later, Bassett is asked about ET concern over the Earth. "Yes, they are completely concerned about earth events. The evidence for that is fairly overwhelming." (p.151.)


Bassett does not provide examples of this evidence. Is it, for example, based on the testimony of abductees?

Asked about crop circles, Bassett states: "The one message that I get from crop circles (and it's an extremely important message) is that this is the most dramatic and compelling evidence that we can look to for the ultimate outcome of this which help us realize it is not going to be bad... that we will be relatively pleased with the post-disclosure reality, and even with formal contact." (p.152.)

To be continued.

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  1. Hello Pauline, I view Bassett as a throwback to the Contactee movement when people could shout loudly about certainties without evidence.

    From a distance, his logic is all over the place. He doesn't seem able to reflect on anything he's done. Endless, failed disclosure predictions would cause a rational person to consider if perhaps they were wrong or needed to try a new approach; Bassett carries on doing it. I'd be embarrassed to death if I made such extravagant and public predictions with a 100% failure rate.

    He attributes benevolence and great power to these aliens and then sees no logical flaw in the belief that they are unable to make decisions without US Govt permission.

    Years ago, it was clear what PRG stood for. Nowadays, they come across like children playing make-believe. Whereas kids know that teddy isn't really 'daddy' and that the tiny tea-set isn't 'real,' these are adults who can't apparently tell the difference.


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