Thursday, August 18, 2011

"Beyond the Matrix" part two

This post continues my notes from the 2010 book "Beyond the Matrix" by Patricia Cori.

Thomas J Carey:

Since 1991, Carey has specifically looked at the Roswell incident. Asked about witness' accounts, Carey responded: "Many of them couldn't talk years ago because they did feel constrained by the menace and threats to their families' welfare - especially military personnel, who felt they were under some sort of security oath. Now, with the passage of time, many of the principals or the participants have passed away, and their children no longer feel such a threat to their families."

Questioned about whether anyone found and kept a piece of debris, Carey answered: "...civilians got to both sites first. We talked to a number of witnesses who saw the wreckage, who actually handled the wreckage, and we know that, at one time, some of them had some pieces, but they all denied having them. The military came out and ransacked ranches looking for pieces of the metallic objects." (p.119.) "...there are still pieces in the possession of civilians. We know that for sure." (p.120.)


Why doesn't someone offer US$1million for a piece? That would probably draw someone out.

Carey recites research undertaken by Anthony Bragalia (click here) who located details of a contract between USAF and Batelle Memorial institute to re-engineer "memory metal" suggesting that the "nitinol" we invented was based on the knowledge of the Roswell "memory metal." (pp120-121.)

Carey quotes receiving an email from a "...fellow who was in one of the Batelle labs working on this stuff," and later of receiving a photograph of an alleged piece of the original Roswell debris.


I wonder, if by now, this Batelle (click here) person has been investigated and if he now has turned over the piece of debris to Carey? Do any readers have an update on this?

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