Friday, August 26, 2011

The Clare 'window' area part one

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The other day a colleague from the Australian UFO Research Association, Kathy Dickmann, told me details of an event from Clare, South Australia, which she had obtained in a recent interview with the witness.

In mid-June 2011 a woman was woken at about 2am by a high pitched sound, which she had never heard before. It was this sound which had woken her up. After hearing it at this point, she did not hear it again.

Immediately upon waking, she saw an intense white light on the ceiling of her bedroom. The width of the light was about half a metre, and the length was about twice the length of a large fluorescent tube. The illumination seemed to be similar to the light which remains after a fluorescent tube is switched off. She could see the outline of the object but nothing else.

After watching for some time she fell back asleep.

One after effect which she noticed involved her watch. It had been keeping good time but after this event it continually ran slow.

Recently (August 2011) the woman noticed that her husband had been getting out of bed in the middle of the night, opening the curtains and looking out of the window for a while before returning to bed.

When she asked him about this behaviour, he had nor recollection of the incident.

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  1. Odd, but there have been similar occurrences up that way years ago, as you'd recall. Still, we are once more talking about what seems to be a threshold-of-sleep state.


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