Monday, August 22, 2011

"Beyond the Matrix" part four

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This is the last of four posts, being selected interviews from the 2010 book "Beyond the Matrix" by Patricia Cori. The reason I have written these notes from the book is that they represent first hand interviews with relevant experts in their fields. The last post is from the interview with Andy Thomas re crop formations.

Andy Thomas is said to be "a ...researcher of unexplained mysteries and founder of Changing Times." (p157.) (click here for more on Changing Times. )

On crop formations:

"Their origin and purpose remain a complete mystery. Despite attempts to dismiss them as the work of human artists, some believe the evidence points to a much stranger explanation." (p158.)

"Certain formations have appeared within very short periods of time and the geometrical calculations and construction required for some simply could not be carried out in one night." (p159.)

"Laboratory evidence on circle-affected crops has identified biological changes taking place at a cellular level, suggesting the partial involvement of microwave energy." (p159.)

"I would have to ask how anybody could possibly know that all crop circles are man-made, because that view, I believe, can only be an opinion." (p160)

On why most appear in England:

"One factor that has been clearly identified is that they seem to cluster in areas of geographical strata that hold a lot of water." (p161.)

On explanations:

"Even after an involvement with crop circles for nearly twenty years now, I have to say that I don't yet see absolute evidence in any one direction to support a specific viewpoint... one of the observations that can be made is that the complexity of at least some of the designs seems to suggest some level of intelligence at work. What level of intelligence we are talking about, and whether it is extra-dimensional, extraterrestrial or indeed human work is a big question." (p.165.)

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