Tuesday, August 16, 2011

"Beyond the Matrix" part one

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After a delightful weekend, visiting a number of art venues here in Adelaide as part of the South Australian Living Artists program, and indulging a little too much in the excellent wines, we have here in South Australia, it is back to the blog.

Patricia Cori hosts an Internet radio talk show (click here ) titled "Beyond the Matrix" and last year published a book of the same title. It was published by North Atlantic Books. Berkeley. ISBN 978-1-55643-893-6. I missed the book when it came out, but recently had the opportunity to read it, courtesy of my local library.

The book is a series of interviews with individuals such as Dr Michio Kaku; Dr Edgar Mitchell; Dr Mario Beauregard and many others. Five of the interviews specifically appealed to me and I thought I would make myself some notes here of points I found of interest.

Dr Edgar Mitchell:

On the way back from the Moon, astronaut Mitchell experienced a state "...the ecstasy of bliss." After returning to Earth he researched the subject and the closest he could find in the literature was Savikalpa Samadhi (click here .) This transformational experience led Mitchell to form the Institute of Noetic Sciences (click here ) in 1975. "I was working and interested in so called "parapsychological phenomenon," although I don't like the term 'para.'" (p.65.)

Asked about life beyond Earth, Mitchell notes "We have been visited; I have no doubts about that. The evidence, my knowledge, my research are there, and I have been well briefed. In fact, by what I call the 'old timers' who were involved in the Roswell incident - both in military and intelligence circles...From what I have been given from the old-timers who were involved with the Roswell incident sixty years ago, I know that was a real visitation and there have been many since then." (p.72.)

Stanton T Friedman:

Asked "What do you think will happen when we have global contact "Friedman responded "...I don't think they are going to send fleets over our cities..." (p.99.)

Turning to the government, "I know it may come as a shock, but there have been occasions when the government has lied about UFOs." Later, "Most media people, in my acquaintance anyway, are totally unaware of this vast amount of information that has yet to be released." (p.102.)

Continued in part two.

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