Thursday, September 10, 2009

Second new book alert

Well, continuing my posts with an intelligence agency flavour is a book I have been long waiting for. This is the second volume in Richard Dolan's trilogy. This one is titled "UFOs and the National Security State: The cover-up exposed 1973-1991." Published by Keyhole Publishing New York. 2009. 638pp.

Having not yet seen a copy of the book, the following is from the publisher's website at

- The book was researched using US and Canadian Archives, direct investigations, journals and interviews
- "Dolan presents a detailed analysis of the critical UFO encounters by military and civilians. These encounters, all thoroughly documented and equally baffling repeatedly demonstrated that the UFO phenomenon has been a global phenomenon, and the result of highly advanced technology that has received no official recognition."

Looking at the chapter headings and contents on the publishers website I see that China and Australia rate a section.

I look forward to reading a copy of the book.

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