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Pre Kit Green medical studies of UAP related injuries

Blog readers will have noticed that I have been spending some time of late, writing about potential medical effects from close encounters with the phenomenon. This subject has long been of interest to me.

In the light of recent discussions about Dr. Kit Green's work on UAP related medical injuries, I thought I would take a brief look at pre Kit Green medical studies, where individuals, conducted similar research; specifically US researchers Richard Charles Niemtzow and John F. Schuessler.


In this post I will revisit Niemtzow's work, between 1975 and 1996; and then take a look at the parallel work of John F. Schuessler during the same time period.

Richard Niemtzow

Niemtzow was born in 1942 in the United States, but undertook his medical training, between 1965-1976 at Universite de Montpellier Faculte de Medecine, in Montpellier, France. This French connection will resurface later in my account. He later went back to the US and became a Flight Surgeon in the United States Air Force.

Around 1975, while still in France he joined the Aerial Phenomenon Research Organisation, (APRO)
and wrote an article titled "Paralysis and UFO Close Encounters." for the APRO Bulletin [Vol. 23, No. 5,March 1975, pp1 & 6.]

Niemtzow went on the write more articles for the APRO Bulletin; MUFON Journal, and the English Flying Saucer Review; some solo, and others with John Schuessler.

By 1981, as recalled in Jacques Vallee's diaries, Niemtzow had become a friend of Dr. Kit Green's, and also Claude Poher from France's official UFO study group, then named GEPAN. Later, Niemtzow corresponded with Alain Esterle, the next head of GEPAN.

Later in 1981, then radiologist Niemtzow created Project UFOMD, which was stated to be a network of medical practitioners to intensely study UFO related injury cases. He called upon doctors who were members of MUFON to join Project UFOMD.

In May 1982 Niemtzow, according to the MUFON Journal [No. 179, Jan. 1983, pp 14-16] was solicited as a consultant to the US Army Inspector General's office dealing with the Cash-Landrum case.

During 1985 Niemtzow, J Allen Hynek and Jacques Vallee visited GEPAN in France, and met their science board. At that meeting, Niemtzow presented a paper titled "Physiological and Radiation Effects from Intense Luminous Unidentified Flying Objects."

The MUFON Journal in 1987 [No. 225, January 1987, p18] reported that Project UFOMD had produced only two cases in the period 1 October 1981 to 1 October 1983.

Vallee, in his diaries , recorded in an entry dated 6 December 1987, that Niemtzow received a call from a French Lieutenant Colonel, purportedly about UAP, which actually discussed the effects of microwaves on human tissue.

The French continued to make advances to Niemtzow about UAP, which included a team of French microwave experts who visited him in the US in 1989. Vallee dined with Jean-Jacques Velasco, the next head of GEPAN in June 1989 and Velasco confirmed to Vallee that some of the French teams, interested in microwave weapons wanted to talk to Niemtzow.

In July 1989, Niemtzow visited France and had talks about UAP and physiological effects of microwaves. Later, a French doctor , an expert on radiation impact on human tissue visited Niemtzow in the USA. CNES, the French space agency, where GEPAN was based, was close to offering Niemtzow a job with them.

Later issues of Vallee's dairies, namely Volume Four, indicates that Niemtzow investigated a couple of abduction cases, one involving a female Air Force Major. Vallee adds that "Richard is in touch with Admiral Mohr, Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under Reagen, who's taken an interest in such cases." (entry 27 February 1994.)

There are no Vallee references to Niemtzow beyond 28 January 1996. His interest faded from public view.

I wanted to find out why Niemtzow lost interest in such an intriguing topic. So, in 2016, I located him and emailed him. I asked him three questions.

1. After examining the data you collected in the area of medical injuries, what conclusion did you reach?

2. Why did you cease that particular line of research?

3. What were your overall conclusions about UAP?

Niemtzow responded:

"I stopped as the research is dead-ended. Very little progress has been made in the field and a lot is simply conjecture."

For a fuller account of Niemtzow's work in this are please take a look at my blog post dated 2016.

John Schuessler

As mentioned earlier, Schuessler and Niemtzow co-authored a number of articles about medical effects of UFO encounters, which appeared in the UFO literature in the 1970's and 1980's.

From 1981 and for many years afterwards, Schuessler investigated and documented the 29 December 1980 incident in which Betty Cash and Vickie Landrum and Colby Landrum were involved in an unusual encounter.

Source: Keith Basterfield

Briefly, the incident which involved a sensation of heat being felt, plus a bright light. After the incident, they reported symptoms of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, weakness, irritated eyes and a feeling similar to sunburn. Cash reported blisters on her skin. Hair loss was also reported.

The two best sources of information on this radiation case, may be found in Schuessler's 1998 book "The Cash-Landrum UFO Incident." [Geo Graphics Printing Co.] and Curt Collins' blog "Blue Blurry Lines."

In 1991, MUFON formed a Medical Committee and Schuessler served as the MUFON administrator for the group. The committee's role was to bring medical researchers together, to establish an operating protocol, collect and evaluate case data, deal with the medical evidence and promote an information exchange.

By 1995, Schuessler's catalog "A Catalog of UFO Related Human Physiological Effects" had nearly 400 cases. Like all such catalogues, it suffered from it being a collection of material drawn from a variety of sources, with a very limited capacity for fact-checking and tracking down the original source of the information. As an example, I checked the Australian cases listed in the catalog. Some were anecdotal, while others were not close encounters. In addition, some of the medical effects are listed as "abduction" which, in itself, is not a medical effect.

In summary

So, the study of UFO related medical injuries goes back to at least 1975, now 45 years ago, and this work has been continued by the studies of Dr. Kit Green.


Thank you to UK researcher Isaac Koi for providing a link to the AFU website, from which, a copy of Schuessler's catalogue can be downloaded.

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