Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Hathaway Research International Revisited


In a blog post dated 16 December 2018, titled "George D Hathaway - his work and research findings" I described some of the work undertaken by this Canadian engineer and his research company. Hathaway, amongst other things, authored two of the 38 Defense Intelligence Reference Documents (DIRDs) for the Defense Intelligence Agency's (DIA) Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications Program (AAWSAP.)

Between 1992 and 2012 the company's website shows his involvement with "...field investigations of anomalous aerial phenomena" and "...analysis of material allegedly from anomalous aerial phenomena." In 2017, Hathaway co-authored a paper with physicist Michael Ibison titled "Quantum Entanglement and Alien, Extraterrestrial Life." In that paper, amongst other things, there is a discussion of the possibility of extraterrestrial communication through the means of telepathy.

Current research

The current company website lists a number of areas of scientific research projects, including:

1. Bio communications.

Exploring if a telepathic channel exists.

2. Anti-gravity by nuclear entropy.

Dr Daniel Alzofon is working on his father's theory that entropy changes may change gravitational attraction between masses."Initial tests showed anomalous motion of a test mass."

3. Repetative Trans Cranial Magnetic Stimulation.

"Claims have been made as to the possibility of using rtms techniques to enhance certain human cognitive faculties."

4. Energy Extraction from Casimir Cavities.

"Based on the theoretical work of Bernard Haisch and Garret Moddel (U. of Colorado) HRI has designed and is hosting an experiment to determine whether energy can be continuously extracted from the quantum vaccuum field by flowing gas through a Casimir cavity."

5. Puthoff - Metamaterials for TEM Impulse Radiator.

Following Dr. H. E. Puthoff's theory of the quantum vacuum, "HRI is currently designing such an experiment which involves hundred kilovolt picosecond pulses into special radiators (TEM horn antennas) utilising custom designed metamaterial lenses to determine if the property of spacetime can be altered."

6. HRI autonomous field-deployable multi-sensor anomalous event detector.

A system for "...autonomous detection, deciphering and transmitting details of events in its vicinity which rise above the ambient." Its onboard sensors cover Gamma/x-rays; microwaves; sound down to 2 Hz; mechanical vibrations down to 0.1Hz; VOC gases CO, ethanol, NH3,CH4; temperature; magnetometer; compass; barometer; humidity; accelerometer; gyroscope; GPS time clock; solar powered; three 8 megapixel color cameras with wide angle lenses.


  1. Dear Keith
    About telepathy and quantum entanglement,there is a paper published in 2013 called "Bounding the speed of `spooky action at a distance" by Dr Juan Yin and its Chinese team.They measured the speed of transmission of the entanglement getting a value at 144,500 time the speed of light (not the value in the paper). It suggest a potentially valid way to communicate in space.

  2. There is absolute validity to the TCMS research. I watched a television
    program regarding this with the US Army. If memory serves correct, they would map the areas of the brains that "lit up" in people who were trained and very good at reading satellite images or overflight images to find military targets in Iraq. They then stimulated the areas of the brains from the maps they had created, but in non-trained individuals.
    Afterwards, these people's ability to map read to find these same targets increased (at least in the short term) by significant percentages. Very cool stuff.

  3. For those who don't already know, a Michael Ibison worked for Hal at Earthtech when the Dird's were done. He left not long ago (presuming this is the same Ibison.)


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