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Updated post - Dr. Hal Puthoff's 8 February 2020 talk - some notes

Dr. Hal Puthoff


Dr. Hal Puthoff gave a talk on 8 February 2020 at an event held in Berkley Springs, West Virgina, in the USA. The talk was titled "DOD Unidentified Aerial Phenomena: The Back Story, The Forward Story." Puthoff gave a similar titled talk, "The DoD's UAP Program: The Back Story, The Forward Story" at the Society for Scientific Exploration/International Remote Viewing Association joint conference, held in Las Vegas, Nevada, on 8 June 2018.

I have listened to an audio copy of his 2020 speech, supplied by an anonymous attendee to whom I extend my thanks, and compared it with a transcript of the 2018 talk. I wanted to see what new material had entered the 2020 speech. The following are the new points which I picked out (there may be more):

* Previously in the 2018 talk, Puthoff stated that the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) had commenced in June 2007. However, in the 2020 speech he stated that AATIP commenced in June 2008. This fits better with the known date for the Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications Program (AAWSAP) of September 2008.

* He provided a date for the "Thread-3" document from the Soviet Union which discussed UAP in that country. The date Puthoff gave for this document was 1991.

*  Puthoff provided some details of the now revealed US Navy pilot ecnounters from 2014/2015.

* When discussing the broad area announcement which had been made, for bidders for the AAWSAP contract, Puthoff stated this announcement was made in 2008. In the 2018 talk he had given this date as 2007. Since I discovered a copy of this document on the Internet some time ago, we have known the date of the announcement was indeed 2008.

* The CRADA with the US Army was mentioned in passing.

* New books authored by members of TTSA were discussed.

* The History Channel documentary series "Unidentified" was mentioned.

* Puthoff discussed the fact that the US Navy had announced that the three released videos were of UAP.

* The new US Navy guidelines for reporting UAP was reported upon.

* The fact that there had been briefings of Congress on the subject of UAP was stated.


Following the talk, there was an opportunity for questions. I have made a few notes on each question and Puthoff's answers. Please note that the sound quality of the voices of individuals asking questions was not the best, and some errors in my hearing may have occurred. 

Q1 - How does TTSA consider the viewpoints held by others out there?

A1 - We are following the data. When I hear of the claims of others about e.g. the secret space program, I have no evidence. Put it into the gray basket. We don't even say that UAP are "spaceships."

Q2 - How soon will warp drive be available for civilian use?

A2 - There are people working on the theoretical physics. At the moment we can't see a path forward. Perhaps not for a century.

Q3 - Free energy technology, any access to it?

A3 - Our laboratory ran a maverick inventor program. Examined many devices. No positive evidence in the end.

Q4 - Richard Doty says he worked for you. Any comment?

A4 - He did. There was a period where we were investigating all aspects of the phenomenon. Richard Doty was a contractor for us, as were many other people. Some of his data could be verified, some could not. I happened to like him as an individual.

Q5 - Do you think human science is on a trajectory to understand the phenomenon?

A5 - Large amount of information in the 38 Defense Intelligence Reference Documents. Some is sensitive. It is reasonable to think that at some point there will be a fusion that will be useful. Predictions usually fall short. In 20 years we will have some new technologies.

Q6 - Can you comment on your work with Ingo Swann and remote viewing?

A6 - Puthoff provided a lengthy answer describing this work. 

Q7 - Can you comment on Dr. Eric Davis and Ultraterrestrials?

A7 - I wrote a paper about ultraterrestrials - following the data. I wrote down all the options. Wrote the paper and circulated it to my colleagues - it was a think piece.

Q8 - One of the characterstics of UAPs talked about by TTSA was transmedium travel. Air/space/water. What about traversing solid matter? Any comment?

A8 - One thing from our Space Time Metric discussions - it could be predicted from the theory that things may traverse solid matter.

Q9 - Remote viewing - answering questions?

A9- Implies interest in all areas. Got some answers to UAP through remote viewing, e.g. Pat Price located four UAP bases on Earth.

Q10 - Is TTSA pursuing consciousness esearch?

A10 - Right now, TTSA is not pursuing consciousness research, but is studying UAP.

Q11 - The data you are following - does it indicate more than one UAP type? Alien?

A11 - Scattering of options - all over the map. We have had a sphere with a cube inside; tic-tac shapes; triangles. Lots of different structures.

Q12 - Mg-Bi material. Have you determined where it came from? Its use?

A12 - It's complicated. Various theories out on the Internet. We don't yet really know anything from it. Ten years ago examined a piece from Linda Moulton Howe. Couldn't make anything of it. Still absolutely not known. No answers yet.

Q13 - Ingo Swann, EV dark side of the Moon. Any comment?

A13 - "Guys" came to us with coordinates. Asked for a remote viewing of these. Gave it to them. Dsecription matched things on the Moon. Seemed they already knew the answers. They were testing us.

Q14 - Your talk mentioned the problems of people working in silos. Thoughts on how the silo problem might be solved?

A14 - In AATIP tried through the 38 DIRDs to get range of views. Trying to get people to talk to each other.

Q15 - We hear Navy views but what about USAF?

A15 - Most previous public programs were conducted by the USAF.

Q16 - Did Project Blue Book continue?

A16 - PBB did not, other programs did.

Q17 - Re AATIP current status - the Pentagon statements vary. Can you clarify?

A17 - Conflicting messages are coming out of the Pentagon, e.g. that Luis Elizondo didn't work for AATIP. Not right. TTSA trying to help clarify things behind the scenes. Things will get clarified in time.

Q18 - The head of Skunk works at Lockheed Martin made some statements, e.g. "Now have technology to travel to the stars." Can you comment?

A18 - Ben Rich has been asked about this. We don't know precisely what he meant by those statements. Why he said those.

Q19 - Is the Soviet Union concerned about UAP?

A19 - UFOs have come over US nuclear silos and turned them off. Have come over Soviet Union and switched them on.

Q20 - Any insight into Internet discussions aboue Antarctica?

A20 - Don't have any opinion. Seen no evidence.

Q21- Any comment about the Wilson document?

A21 - Wilson was interviewed by my colleague Eric Davis. Discusses potentially ongoing programs.

Update: 20 February 2020.

I have been in communication with Hal Puthoff, and the following is a statement of clarification from him, about question and answer 21, as noted by myself:

"In your summary of my presentation at Petersen's Transition Talk forum in West Virginia, you re-posted a comment by someone from the audience.

Q21 - Any comment about the Wilson document?

A21 - Wilson was interviewed by my colleague Eric Davis. Discusses potentially ongoing programs.

It would appear from this statement that I confirmed the Wilson interview and notes as authentic, and I'm getting considerable email traffic asking me if this is the case.

ACTUALLY because of sound problems in the auditorium I had to repeat questions for the audience before I answered. So I repeated the question that it was about Eric interviewing Wilson, then gave my standard answer that since the claimed notes discussed potentially ongoing programs I would not comment. It was not intention to verify the interview and associated notes. In the restated shortened version online of what I actually said I can see how it could be so interpreted."

Continuing on with the original post:

Q22 - You were interviewed by George Knapp - mention of a document leaked about crash retrievals. Where do I look for that document?

A22 - It's out there somewhere on the Internet -  don't know exactly where.

Q23 - When Richard Doty was hired, was that for AATIP?

A23 - No, on another program before AATIP.

Q24 - Do you give any credence to [book titled mentioned] ET communications as part of secret programs?

A24 - I see no evidence.

Q25 - Do you think someone out there could have reverse engineered UFOs?

A25 - It's an option. It's possible. I brought up the idea in a paper.

Q26 - There was a story that Nixon left a letter in a time capsule about UFOs. A secret document?

A26 - I don't know if that story is legitimate. 


  1. Given one of the new gods of ufology took a DEEP look into the shenanigans. It is of some surprise that no one asked Dr. Hal to disclose his full involvement in the SERPO hoax. Something he took part in with other characters who are never far away...

    1. I cannot believe that they didn't ask about a Update of the Status of research that the TTSA is doing with the ARMY, concerning the piece of UFO material that might show AntiGravity lift properties if they apply enough Terahertz to the UFO material.

    2. I cannot believe that they didn't ask about a Update of the Status of research that the TTSA is doing with the ARMY, concerning the piece of UFO material that might show AntiGravity lift properties if they apply enough Terahertz to the UFO material.

  2. so no one asked this guy about the serpo fiasco??? , Those who forget their history are doomed to repeat it, holds true for ufology

    This guy and the others behind him are making the new serpo hoax

  3. Why not ask him about his role in Scientology too?

  4. If anyone asked him about the Serpo crap I woulda been embarrassed for the ufo community... Seriously, people!!

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