Thursday, February 27, 2020

A private company plans to collect data on UAP

A new event

Thanks to the eagle eyes of Twitter user Paul Scott Anderson, two interesting items have come to my attention in the last twenty-four hours. The first concerns a one day event where a private company Hypergiant, and SpaceCom are presenting an event " connect space technologies and business innovation." To be held in Austin, Texas, USA, the event agenda includes:

"What to Expect in Space by 2100."

"Off-Earth Economic Expansion."

"Houston, We have a Problem - Re-imaging Mission Control."

"Returning to the Moon for Exploration and profit."

"Building the Next Generation of Space Suits."

"Athletes x Astronauts - The Future of Human Performance."

The topics have a mix of individuals from private enterprise and NASA, leading the presentations.

However, the final topic is the one of relevance to us. "Unidentified - Using Advanced Technologies To Track UAPs." The session notes read "The Truth is out there. This session will explore the new down-to-Earth advanced technology approaches to help military, municipalities and others identify and track unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP.)"

This session has two presenters:

1. Joey Roulette, a reporter who covers the commercial, civil and military side of space, for Reuters.

2. Harold Puthoff, President and CEO of EarthTech International.

A new article

The second item of interest, is to be found on Vice Motherboard, titled "This Company Will Point Satellites at Earth and Use them to Look for UFOs," written by reporter Sarah Scoles, dated 27 February 2020.

The article concerns a company named Hypergiant Industries. Founded in 2018 by CEO  Ben Lamm, whose company "...has already worked with the likes of Booz Allen Hamilton, Shell, NASA, the National Reconnaissance Office..." The company focus is on " chains; defense; and space."

Ben Lamm
"...Lamm does talk about UFOs, though he calls them UAP...If you look at the intersections of Hypergiant's three main interests, says Lamm, "UAPs are the X at the cross center.""

Lamm is interested in finding out if UAP are earthly technology or something else. "Lamm accepts that the phenomena might just be earthly technology, and he wants Hypergiant to help find whatever truth is out there....Regardless of what the UAP is and whether it has a terrestrial origin or not."

How is Hypergiant going about this task? They plan to use data from earth-watching satellites; and analyze it with the assistance of artificial intelligence. They are still in the process of developing the required software, which they then hope to train to screen out IFOs; leaving UFOs. In future they plan to launch their own instruments in space, and collect their own data.

Am intriguing development, given that To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science's advisor Christopher Mellon has recently been speaking out about the potential use of high technology US government sensor systems to search for data on UAP.

On a side note, Ben Lamm is one of the scheduled speakers at "Contact in the Desert" which is to be held between May 29 and June 1, 2020.


  1. Tracking UFOs is a waste of time and money. I guarantee that the military has been tracking UFOs for a very long time. What we need to do is pool our resources to force the powers that be to admit to crash recoveries and reverse engineering.


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