Sunday, May 20, 2018

A new type of IFO (Identified Flying Object)

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Australian UFO groups and individuals are constantly receiving digital photographs and videos showing what are, to the photographer, unusual images. Groups and individual researchers are asked to comment as to the nature of the object.

The "UFO" in the picture/video frequently turns out to be an out of focus bird/insect; a sun dog; searchlights on clouds; internal lens reflections of such sources as the Sun and Moon; and of course, fake, computer generated images.

Plastic bag - to the right above the lampost

Searchlight on clouds above houses (Moon in top centre)
Sun dog to left of Sun plus internal lens reflection below sun dog

Internal lens reflections from the Sun  at two o'clock position
Out of focus bug - top right in sky
An out of focus bird

A new report

In March 2018, UFO Research (NSW) Incorporated received the following sighting report:

"Central Coast, NSW. 11 March 2018. 11am.

I was in my garage searching for some information about my car when I heard the local bird life in an uproar. I went outside to see what was disturbing the birds, thinking it was the resident sea eagles or maybe a falcon flying about.

The majority of birds were magpies, 10-20 in all, crows and a couple of curruwongs with a few silver eyes.

What struck me as being unusual is the number of magpies. Usually you see them in a family group of 2 adult birds with 2-3 young ones flying around them.

On further investigation to see what had made them become so distressed I saw an object drifting away from me at about 60-80 metres above the ground travelling at about 1-2 metres a second. It was travelling in an easterly direction and did not change course or alter its height above the ground. There was no noise. Thinking it was a drone no change of direction. When I first saw it, it was probably 200 metres away. It was a dark colour with a round appearance in the top half with a ridge around this section and the lower section looked like a hoop hanging below it with some sort of grey object attached to the lower section of the loop. I managed to get some pictures of it and the best one is attached to this report. Do you think this is a UFO?"

What was it?

Immediately upon seeing the pictures I thought that I knew what it was. Anthony spoke to the witness and emails were exchanged between the two of them. Here are the pictures.

Close-up of object

Do you know what it was?

It was a Mylar, helium filled party balloon! The witness himself arrived at the same conclusion.

Another IFO (in this case an Inflated Flying Object) to add to our list.

P.S. A check of the weather for the location from where the photographs were taken, revealed that on that day, at that time, the wind was blowing at 9km/hr from the West, which would naturally cause the balloon to drift gently to the east.


I would like to thank the individual who took this latest photograph, for their permission to reproduce the photos and the text of their report to UFO Research (NSW) Inc.

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