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The BAASS team - some of their roles and some of their names

MUFON Journals

I have been reviewing copies of the MUFON Journal for the period April 2009 to February 2010, to further explore what is known about the MUFON STAR Team Impact Project, and its interaction with Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS.)

Source: MUFON
The first page of the April 2009 Journal shows: "STAR Team Impact Project - a bold and aggressive step forward in tracking the alien presence among us."

James Carrion, the then MUFON Director, in the "Director's Message" announced that "it has been subcontracted to provide rapid response UFO investigation services to Bigelow Aerospace Advances (sic) Space Studies (BAASS) and has initiated the STAR Team Impact Project (SIP)to provide these services...BAASS will pay for laboratory testing of physical evidence collected..."

Pages 3-5 of the Journal has an article by James Carrion included "Last year MUFON announced the formation of its Strike Team for Are Research...Data gathered from cases that we feel warrant a deployment will be shared with BAASS, and physical or trace evidence will be lab tested by BAASS. BAASS will share lab results with MUFON and MUFON is free to publish its own related research a or to seek independent testing...The SIP Coordination Manager position was filled by Richard Lang from North Carolina, and Jessica Johnson of Fort Collins, Colorado was hired for the SIPM Operations Manager position...The Director of research determines what experts and consultants should be involved in the analysis phase and coordinate with BAASS personnel. The raw data is summarized in a report to BAASS along with corroborative data, lab analysis submittals and research implications and recommendation."

STAR team cases

I took the time to compile a spreadsheet of the 69 STAR team investigated reports in the relevant time frame (ie April 2009 - January 2010.)  I did this by searching through the MUFON Journal issues, which contained some summaries of the sightings involved; then obtained additional information from the MUFON database (CMS.)

The 69 cases were divided into two categories:

Category two - The unidentified light(s) or object(s) is observed to have landed on the ground or in some ways affected the immediate physical environment.

Category three - The witness also experienced one or more of the following during or after the event: A) Observations of beings or entities B) Interactions with nonhuman entities C) Episodes of missing time D)Wounds or trauma to body of unknown origin E) Taken onboard a craft F) Telepathic communications G) Out of body experience H) Encounter with an unknown animal."

I wanted to get a "feel" for the types of cases which MUFON were documenting, and then passing to BAASS.


After the official MUFON STAR Team date (January 2010) when MUFON ceased sending their reports to BAASS, there were indications that BAASS continued to investigate US sightings:

1. The 27 March to 26-27May 2010 Isles Of Capri sightings. MUFON CMS - Marco Island, Florida.

2. The Lake Erie area sightings - MUFON CMS has reports spread between 14 March 2010 and 15 June 2010.

I wrote about these two cases and BAASS involvement in a previous blog post. There may well be other examples which I have not come across.


So, we know BAASS was investigating UFO reports within the USA. Who was doing the investigation? Using the resources of the LinkedIn website, I found numerous individuals who said that they had worked for BAASS during the relevant time frame. The following information, shows the roles of some of those within BAASS, which these individuals said they undertook. A number of individuals have already been publicly identified with the BAASS program and I use their names here. Others, have not yet been publicly identified, and out of respect for their privacy I have not named them. I have been trying to reach out to these unnamed individuals via LinkedIn. 

Law Enforcement Professional

Las Veags, Nevada Area
Specialties Clandestine Operations/Covert Operations * Intelligence Operations
* Criminal Investigations * Tactical/Special operations * Analytical Investigations
* Technical Surveillance/Electronic Surveillance operations* Technical
Surveillance Counter Measures * Personal Protection
Company Name Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies
Dates Employed June 2009 - Oct 2009
Employment Duration 5 mos
Conducted Classified Investigations

Research Scientist

Company Name Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies
Dates Employed Jul 2009 -Jun 2010
Employment Durations 1 yr
Location Las Vegas, NV
Classified Research

Research Engineer

Worked in an interdisciplinary team of scientists and engineers studying advanced aerospace weapon system applications including lift, propulsion, control, power generation, signature reductions, materials and armament.Further tasks included:

* Develop company research topics requiring ANSYS FEA calculation and carry out research within the fields of aerodynamics, heat transfer, stress analysis and chemical reaction

* Perform field measurements collecting data regarding ionizing radiation as well as performing chemicals/metal/soil and spectrum analysis across the united States in accordance with the code of federal regulations, ANSI, IEEE and ASTM standards and EPA, USGS, DOE and DOD procedures.

* Responsible for training engineering/scientist team on proper use of equipment safety/procedure guidelines

* Responsible for compiling, formatting and ensuring technical accuracy of completed scientific analysis reports

Field investigations

Hernandez, Gary
Bigelow Advanced Space Studies
Jan 2009 - May 2010
1 yr 6 mos
Classified investigations.

Field investigator

Experienced Investigator, Homeland Security, Emergency Preparedness &
Training, Emergency Management
Field Investigator
Company Name BAASS
Dates Employed May 2009 - June 2010
Employment Duration 1 yr 2 mos
Location Las Vegas, Nevada Area
Working through Department of Defense contractor, facilitated/directed security/field investigation operations at Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS) under Top Secret SSBI Security Clearance.
Managed contract associated with other Government or associated (classified) agencies.
Managed a team of investigators, Mechanical, Electrical and Nuclear Engineers who were responsible for the design, development and maintenance of specialized equipment of a classified and clandestine nature.

Deputy Administrator

Colm Kelleher
2008 - 2014 4 yrs

* Interviewed, hired and trained a team of 50 scientists, engineers, analysts, and created the classified security infrastructure for an IC contract to study proprietary advanced aerospace technology and threat analysis

* Briefed government department undersecretary and senior United States senators on threat analysis and advanced technology programs

* Worked closely with IC to develop and execute multiple programs involving advanced aerospace technology including negotiating and executing multi-disciplinary subcontracts for database creation, physics and engineering analysis and medical science studies

* Led in the creation of all scientific programs and strategic initiatives for the company

* Interfaced with Congressional staff, political consultants, Washington DC think tanks and other organizations in the furtherance of company goals

*COMSEC Custodian and Facility Security Officer for the IC latter contract period.

Senior Investigator/Team Leader

Experienced Executive with a demonstrated history of working in the law enforcement, security and investigations industry. Skilled in Crisis management, Emergency management, Police Leadership, Tactical Operation, Criminal Investigations
Senior Investigator/Team leader
Company name Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies
Dates Employed Jan 2009 - Jul 2010
Employment Duration 1 yr 7 mos
Provide direction and supervision to a squad of professional investigators tasked with conducting investigations into threats against National Security
Clearance TS SSBI 6/4, Secret.

Program Lead

Douglas Kurth
Enthusiastic and results-driven former Marine Corps Senior Officer, Commander and Naval Aviator with a diverse background in program management, aviation, safety, training,  maintenance and administration.
Program manager.
Company name Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies.
Dates Employed Dec 2007 - Jun 2013
Employment Duration 5 yrs 7 mos
Location Lase Vegas, Nevada

* Program lead - novel and emerging space technologies targeting operational employment in 2040

* Directed and managed a team of 40 scientists, engineers, analysts, and researchers

* Business Development - initiated, developed, and directed critical collaborative contracts

* Tasked with international marketing of Bigelow Aerospace private space station

* Technical expert in advanced aerospace concepts and aerodynamics.

Equipment Manager/Lead Investigator

Company name Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies
Dates Employed Mar 2010 - Sep 2011
Employment Duration 1 yr 7mos
Managed investigative and scientific efforts involved in the highest profile case in the company.
Managed contract associated with other Government or associated (classified) agencies.
Managed a team of Mechanical, Electrical and Nuclear Engineers who were responsible for the design, development and maintenance of specialized equipment of a classified nature.
Compiled technical reports and proposals and created quality assurance procedures for fieldwork, operations and troubleshooting of equipment.
Managed the procurement of a wide variety of electronics, materials, thermal night vision equipment and detectors for the purposes of completing interdisciplinary experiments and/or gathering of necessary quality affecting scientific data.

Senior Scientist Microbiology

Company Name Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies
Date Employed Jan 2009 - Jun 2010
Employment Duration 1 yr 6mos
Location Las Vegas, Nevada

Project/Duties Lead biological senior scientist at BAASS. The primary duties involve responsibility for the development of laboratory capabilities for the evaluation of novel aerospace technologies including novel materials and propulsion systems for possible detrimental effects on humans and the environment. Additional duties involve the development of research protocols and techniques in support of ongoing research projects and oversight of daily science operations which include supervision of BAASS technicians. The project required employees to obtain government security clearances which preclude precise discussion of objectives.

SCIF/Dod Contractor

Company Name Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies
Date Employed Sep 2008 - Aug 2010
Employment Duration 2yrs
Location North Lase Vegas, Nevada.

Senior Data Analyst

Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies
Date employed Mar 2009 - May 2010
Employment Duration 1yr 4mos
Locations Las Vegas
Database developer, tableau evaluation & reports.


Eric W Davis
Chief Science officer
EarthTech Int'l Inc. and the Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin
Nov 2004 - present - 13yrs 7mos
EarthTech Int'l Inc.& the Inst. for Advanced Studies at Austin is a privately funded research organization dedicated to the exploration of new frontiers in physics. Our activities primarily center around investigations into various aspects of the Zero-Point Field. We routinely perform evaluations of reported "over-unity" energy devices. We specialize in performing accurate power-balance measurements using calorimetry.

Additionally, ETI supports academic pursuits via the Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin, its theoretical and publications division.
CEO?Chief Scientist
Warp Drive Metrics
January 2002 - present - 16 yrs 5mos

Director of aerospace physics/and astrophysics research
NIDS/Bigelow Aerospace Co
June 1996 - April 2002 5yrs 10mos
Design, develop and conduct research on sensor system discrimination of unique target signatures embedded in traditional background environments (collaborations: IASA, DSP-Sandia Nat'l Lab, Geoanalysis & Meteorology-LANL).

Phenomenology research on unique uncorrelated and correlate target events.
Conducted forensic science and field investigations of unique target events.

Hal Puthoff
President & CEO
EarthTech International inc.
1991 - present - 27 years
Directing research into advanced energy and propulsion for spaceflight.

The Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin was founded in 1985 and later incorporated under Earth Tech International 1991 as an innovative research facility with high-powered creative staff dedicated to exploring the forefront reaches of science and engineering. ETI and IASA are engaged in many collaborations with industry, the US government,scientific research foundations, and academia in order to implement our organization's mission: Shaping the future by innovating breakthroughs that inspire new modes of space transportation and new sources of energy.

In summary

We now better understand the nature of the roles undertaken by some of the BAASS personnel.


  1. Based on the timing, seems quite possible the Stephenville case of very late 2008 was a catalyst for getting Bigelow more actively involved in running down field cases. Unfortunately, there haven't been any cases like it since . . . when a series of sightings gets an entire area up in arms.

  2. I located some 10 more persons connected to BAASS while trying to establish a more detailed timeline:

    I didn't reveal their details publicly, but since you said you have tried to contact those people, I can provide those to you if you want them, as I'm not interested in doing that.

    1. Hi Parabunk,

      I would appreciate you advising me of these individuals. Could you contact me via Thank you.


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