Thursday, April 12, 2018

Projects for 2018

Hi all,

As regular blog readers will be aware, I have just returned from a three month "holiday" from UAP research. Taking a step back from my usual hectic research pace, has been of great benefit. It has allowed me to take a look at just what future research projects I wish to focus on. Strangely, it was only yesterday that an interstate colleague asked me what research I intend to undertake in the coming months? Here is what I told them:

(1) An examination and analysis of the publicly available 'evidence' put forward so far by the To The Stars Academy, about the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program.

(2) Analysis of current Australian UAP sightings, as reported to Australian research groups, and through Face Book pages. It has been a couple of years now since Melbourne based researcher Paul Dean and I took a look at a year's worth of Australian sighting reports.

(3) An exploration of a further number of the radar/visual and other cases which took the interest of the late Professor James E McDonald. For the background to my interest in this, click here

(4) More in-depth "cold case" work on a limited number of classic Australian UAP cases. For a listing of some of my previous work in this area, click here.

(5) Further work on the electronic preservation of Australian UAP periodicals.

(6) Putting together a document of source material on Christopher "Kit" Canfield Green. This idea originated with the recent series of posts that Pauline Wilson wrote here on this blog. I have previously compiled dossiers on such individuals as Dr Richard Charles Niemtzow and Dr Richard M Neal

(7) A critical re-examination of the works of a number of well known, high profile, current Australian researchers, with a view to exploring the science behind their beliefs.

I will post the results of my research here on this blog.

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