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Christopher 'Kit' Green - some additional data

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You will have noticed that I have been posting more frequently than my usual once a week schedule. The reason for this is that I was hit with an unseasonal dose of the flu, and have been off work for a while. But now I am on the road to recovery. However, this work "downtime" has not been wasted, as I have been able to spend more time researching the work of US researcher Kit Green.

I thought that I had brought together all the information available on the Internet, about Kit Green's interest in UFOs. I was wrong. Earlier today I was looking at his entry on LinkedIn and noticed that Green advises that he was the founder and CMO of "Enscion Corporation" between 2000 - present - 18 years.

An Internet search for information about Enscion Corporation brought me to a website for the firm. This told me that the firm advises other firms on potential risks for employees, in terms of "developing certain chronic conditions." One of the ways it does this is by the use of "genetic...information."

I then typed in "CMO Enscion" into a search engine, which brought up an odd page. The text of this page is shown below.

"Still Unknown: unknown object in right hand, see picture/image at bottom, unknown humming and white noise in right ear.

All testing was done at the Wright-Patterson AFB Medical Center for (RM Collins) except where noted. Eleven (11) different tests over 16 months.

Four (4) brain MRIs dated:
03-13-012: focused on auditory center, no pathologies.
08-05-011: normal, no pathologies, no trace of any strokes.
03-22-011: normal, Intracranial, no pathologies.
12-27-010: normal, no pathologies.

Comment: UBOs? Unidentified bright objects noted in MRIs. Thought to be aging vessels, but, much younger people seem to have them in the same areas.

Two (2) X-rays, right hand and left index finger dated:
08-16-011: did not show object.
02-18-011: left index finger, did not show very tiny object.
Two (2) CT scans: sinuses and right hand/wrist dated:
04-11-012: right hand and wrist. Normal except for object shown as just a bump.
02-01-012: sinus area, normal except for inflammation caused by allergies.
Nasal Endoscopy done by Dr Balazs, Dayton, Ohio dated:
01-30-012: normal except for inflammation caused by allergies.
2/1/2012 11:19 AM

I called to just let you know that I planned on talking to Dr. John Balazs today (Dayton). I did. 

He is a good guy. He is well-versed in attempting to understand difficult - to -diagnose cases, especially hearing cases. He has, as you know, ruled out many possibilities for your noises, including cardiovascular, inner ear causes of tinnitus, issues associated with the hearing tests (he agrees they are normal in your case) and more. 

He is very willing to order the MRI to examine the matters I spoke about. He should be very willing now to refer you to have the MRI (this was done on, 03-13-012), with no further need for justification...he agrees it should be done.


Christopher Green, MD, PhD, FAAFS Professor, Diagnostic Radiology & Psychiatry Assistant Dean / Asia-Pacific  Wayne State School of Medicine Chinese Academy of Sciences Chairman, Med:For, Inc. CMO, Enscion Corporation
Right arm and hand nerve conduction test dated: 
02-07-012: normal.
EEG dated:
04-25-012: no evidence of epilepsy.
Hypothesis: right hand object is causing the white noise/humming in right ear by going through the Auditory center of the brain then to right ear.

*Conclusions: No explanation for right hand object or white noise/humming in right ear. Dr Nagasawa, WP Neurologist asked on 18 April 2012, 'what do you think it is?' From outer space I said. He just nodded.
Teleportation and Humming... 

Teleportation, it's the space that moves. Unlike Star Trek, or like it in the 2009 movie, it's the space that carries the object or information instantaneously.
Albert Einstein called it, 'Spooky action at a distance.' And, it is spooky for some when 'they' instantly appear in your bedroom. 

Implant (in right hand, see picture below, taken 04-03-012, originally appeared, 01-24-011) would turn on every 10 seconds (October 9th and 10th, 2011) with a strong humming sensation felt. 

Right hand puffy area below ball bearing looking object (looks Metallic said the WP Neurologist) is a needle mark. See cropped image below showing more detail.

No EMF detected coming from the implant/object using a gauss meter, but a magnet does turn the object on.

We do primitive quantum teleportation in our laboratories, other species (reportedly 10,000 years ahead in some cases) have come a lot further it seems. The real teleportation, it's the space that moves. Unlike Star Trek or like it from the last movie, it's the space that carries the object or information instantaneously. The government calls it, 'hyper burst communications.'

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What to make of it?

There is a Dr John Balazs of Dayton, Ohio. He is an ear, noise and throat specialist, which would fit in with some of the symptoms being reported by "Bob" the patient involved.

There is a Dr Glen Nagasawa, a neurologist, who practices in Dayton, Ohio. Again this would fit in with some of the symptoms being reported by "Bob" the patient. 

The Wright-Patterson AFB Medical Center is just east of Dayton, Ohio. 

R M Collins would appear to be Robert Michael Collins, an associate of former AFOSI special agent Richard C. Doty. It is known that Kit Green and Richard Doty were associates. 

There is mention of symptoms of an "...unknown object in right hand, see picture/image at bottom, unknown humming and white noise in right ear." This is suggestive of the description of a so called "implant" in an abductee.

The phrase "No EMF detected coming from the implant/object using a gauss meter, but a magnet does turn the object on" utilises the term "implant" and mentions no detectable EMF, plus mention of using a magnetic to turn the object on. This terminology is reminiscent of work by by Dr Roger Leir. Leir described implants as emitting radio waves in the FM band; and showing electromagnetic fields in excess of ten milligauss. 

This page of text was on the website called "ufoconspiracy" and has no dates later than 13 March 2012. The site features a book "UFOs: Exempt from Disclosure by Collins, and Doty.


The text appears to be a series of notes about an investigation into the nature of an unknown object in the hand of an individual, probably Robert Michael Collins himself, from the text of Green's email to "Bob." I believe this is confirmed when you visit this part of the website

Collins as editor for the site writes: "A question has come up from viewers, 'why do they always show up when you're outside? The best answer I think is what's in my right hand, see attached, and it hums and stings when you rotate any object over the top of it. No Emf measured."

Collins prints a photograph of a hand. This is the same photograph which appears in the "odd page" text. This confirms that the individual with the "implant" is none other than Robert Michael Collins, and Kit Green was in on the investigation. 


  1. Pauline, you did a very good job putting the report together, much better that I could do....Robert Collins

    1. Hi Robert, Thank you for your kind words. May I ask if you have ever found out any more about the nature of the object in your right hand? If you'd prefer to communicate off blog, my email address is


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