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Christopher 'Kit' Canfield Green - further information

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The family has eaten too much chocolate over Easter and is rather hyperactive at the moment, myself included. Several packets of hot cross buns have also been consumed. 

I have been looking back over posts I wrote several years back, when this blog first started. I have always had a curiosity about the relationship between UFOs and intelligence agencies, as you will see from my early posts. It is clear from my reading that intelligence agencies in many countries have had a lengthy interest in the UFO phenomenon, for their own purposes.

Christopher 'Kit' Green

Seven years ago I wrote a series of blog posts about US researcher Christopher 'Kit' Canfield Green, who at one point worked for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA.). For those unaware of Kit Green's background in UFOs, you might care to read these before proceeding further, at the following links:

I thought it might be interesting to see what Green has been doing since I wrote that series of posts. 


Between 1969 and 1985, Green worked in the CIA, initially as an analyst, and later in various higher positions. A small part of his work was concerned with Remote Viewing Research, and UFOs, hence my interest in him.

Through the first two diaries of Jacques Vallee we know quite a lot about Green's UFO activities between 1974 and 1979, which I covered in detail in the above series of blog posts.

After leaving the CIA in 1985, Green went to work for General Motors Corporation, before returning to full time medical practice in 2005 (another source says 2002.)


Green graduated from NorthWestern University in 1962, and received his PhD from the University of Colorado Medical School in 1969.

The following links provide information about Green's medical credentials.

Assistant Dean (Asia/Pacific) of the Wayne State School of Medicine.

Professor Chinese Academy of Sciences

Private practice.

Vallee's third diary

The third Vallee diary, not available when I wrote the six previous posts, covers the decade 1980-1989. The following diary entries mention Kit Green and add some very interesting insights into Kit's personal, as opposed to CIA interest, in UFOs. 

Thursday 28 February 1980

"...was back at the office in time to meet Kit. We spent the evening discussing the Ira Einhorn affair and cattle mutilations."

Sunday 20 July 1980

"...I saw Kit the first evening. He has determined that Ron Hubbard's son died of carbon dioxide poisoning.We discussed researcher Len Stringfield's repeated claims about Alien bodies captured by the government...Kit and [Tom] Deuley have access to reconnaissance satellite data. They can now check the presence of objects within 10 days of a sighting. ...Kit who somehow gets the data from GEPAN, has shown me two recent reports from Esterle. But they only consist in a hodge-podge of uninteresting statistics.

Kit ran an electrocardiogram on me, a new device being tested by his medical colleagues. He reassured me about my heart murmur. ..

After lunch I met with Kit again at his house in Reston. He gave me  a copy of Ken Rommel's report about mutilations, so I confronted him about the work..."

Wednesday 22 October 1980

"On my way through D.C. I spoke to Kit at length at the Marriott in Dulles. He told me that UFO contactee Valerie Ransone was in La Jolia after some sort of crisis. Kit seemed blase, fed up with government."

Sunday 22 February 1981

"Kit came to see us last night. We had dinner at Ming's and spoke of UFOs. Little has changed: news of contactee Valerie Ransone, Dr Puharich who now lives in Mexico, astronaut Gordon Cooper who has left Disney and Tom Bearden who believes the Russians are deploying a psychotronic system over radar waves. We spoke about Richard Niemtzow, an MD who is a friend of both Kit and Poher. ..

Our conversation turned to the new technology of remotely piloted vehicles. Kit confirmed the persistent rumours that his agency was working on small devices that could carry on reconnaissance missions..."

Monday 27 April 1981

"Richard Niemtzow is actively corresponding with Alaine Esterle, the current head of GEPAN. Richard believes that Kit doesn't have access to what the US military is really doing. After his latest trip to France Richard told Kit about GEPAN's interest in cooperating with  the US. Kit wrote an official memo that reached the level of the president's science adviser, but nothing happened..."

Saturday 26 September 1981

"Kit came to pick me up at Dulles. In Thailand recently he befriended a paramilitary guy, a mercenary. Over a long train journey, eating rice and drinking beer, the man told him about a job he'd done in the Midwest at the instigation of high level Pentagon people. The mission was to infiltrate a nuclear installation...We also spoke of the Cash Landrum case...Kit is afraid two of the witnesses may die from the experience. We discussed the possibility that a secret project existed somewhere, either in France or here. Kit remains skeptical..."

Thursday 15 October 1981

"Jim Salyer..I asked him if he worked for the same company as Kit. He said no, Kit is a civilian while Jim belongs to the DIA..."

Saturday 6 May 1984

"Back in California, I just had an important conversation with Kit, who requested my help in urging Hal Puthoff to leave SRI. "We're Hal's closest friends, we care for him, ' he told me. 'His project has a poor record at SRI but he would have a better future accepting the position Bill Church has offered him, starting a physics institute in Texas. Perhaps if we both urge him to move on he'll step away from a project that will soon reach a dead end." I promised to talk to Hal. Kit is working hard on a new medical device company called Hemokinetics, developing an inexpensive system to monitor blood pressure and heart arrythmia."

Sunday 16 March 1986

"On Friday Kit was in San Francisco, wearing the presidential Medal of Intelligence in his buttonhole. He received it from Reagan for his work on 'Yellow Rain' in Indochina. I had lunch with him in the financial district. We spoke of his friend Seagrave, of John Fowle's novels, and his old boss Ed Gregor."

Sunday 11 May 1986

"To Kit I intend to strong comments about the Secret Onion project..."

Sunday 18 May 1986

"Kit and I only had two hours together at Detroit airport. He shares my concerns about the Secret Onion, some of the participants seem increasingly willing to believe any wild rumour they pick up from ufologists...He refused to take part in the meetings as long as no budget had been allocated to give it an official status. He recommended that I stay on the sidelines..."

Saturday 7 March 1987

"Separately, Kit and Hal have assured me that plans for the Secret Onion were being revived in Washington...At a recent conference of forensic pathologists Kit heard disquieting reports about a sharp increase in human cases of ritual mutilations..."

Sunday 23 October 1988

"I went to Detroit Tuesday night. Kit was at the airport. We spoke for a long time; in his car, over his new house...He assured me that there was indeed an MJ12, which had employed the list of scientists  quoted by the ufologists, including Menzel and that it had reported to Truman and Eisenhower. But that project had nothing to do with UFOs: it was a vast program to study impacts and possible reactions against a psychological warfare attack directed at the United States. ..."

Sunday 11 December 1988

"...a new discussion with Kit who has found a medical doctor allegedly involved in an actual alien autopsy. He heard of him through Dr Richard Neal...Kit has seen the Cover-up documentary and was impressed by the section on alien physiology..."

Sunday 29 January 1989

"Kit tells me he is getting some interesting mail: anonymous copies of AFOSI secret reports of near-landings by UFOs at various military bases. These papers, he says, are authentic...Kit has taken these papers to CIA specialists who are quietly following the field...

...Kit spent last Thursday in Washington for the inauguration of George H Bush and went to the White House to meet with the transition team. They gave him a choice of three positions, but "they didn't offer me the job I wanted," he says."

Saturday 15 April 1989

"...I met with Kit for a few hours in Virginia. He has an indirect contact with Doty, alias Falcon...He has provided information  -names, ranks and office numbers- which Kit will check out the next time he is at the Pentagon."

Monday 29 May 1989

"Kit confirms that Moore and Doty were in England seven years ago trying to sell a novel, the story of what has become known as MJ12.They couldn't get it published."

Sunday 30 July 1989

[Speaking of Valerie Ransone] "Kit, who took care of her medically, once told me that she was amazing; she knew four times as many people as the both of us did."

Thurday 21 September 1989

"Today I called Kit...and we ended up debating last night's Unsolved Mysteries television show that once again hyped the Roswell incident...Kit was struck by the fact that none of the people who claimed to have seen and carried cadavers mentioned any odors. In his forensic experience the stench is the overwhelming feature of all disaster sites. The most important thing Kit told me concerned his follow up of the information he had been given about a certain project at the Pentagon. 

"Either I have solved the problem, or I have found the cover story" he told me. He did go to the office he had been encouraged to visit.

"It's on a back corridor, in an area where the signs on the wall read ' your person is subject to search and seizure. Deadly force authorized.' There's an office that serves as the entrance to a suite of about 40 rooms over 3 floors, with a hospital unit at the bottom. A vertical column links these three floors and there is no other access. None of the personnel are listed in the Pentagon directory, except for one fellow, a Captain who appeared in 1983 with his correct function and it had nothing to do with UFOs..." "

Saturday 7 October 1989

"How typical of my friend Kit, that he would write to me on some fancy hotel stationery he picked up in Hong Kong on his way back from Bangkok to tell me the world is crazy, as if I didn't know it."

Monday 9 October 1989

"Some additional insights from Kit, whom I have just alerted to the Voronzeh landing: (i) In recent months Tass has run several such stories. He is surprised this one comes straight from AP. (ii) The President of Penn State, a highly respected scientist named Eric Walker, is said to have written letters to several people asking them to be quiet about his past role within MJ12. Kit is trying to get copies of these letters: which version of MJ12 is in question here? (iii) There's nothing new with Dr William Crowley of Lancaster, who is alleged to have performed autopsies on Alien bodies. Kit points out again that the man is not a pathologist...(v) Kit still fails to find any confirmation from the people he trusts within the system, but no one laughs at these questions any more...Kit told me that a friend of his had recently paid a visit to the secure facility on the fifth floor of the Pentagon. The signs about 'deadly force' have been removed. The project he reported, did what it was supposed to do: aerial coverage against certain types of threats. It has nothing to do with UFOs."

Thursday 14 December 1989

"Kit called me, eager to get together. "As you taught me along time ago, this is an information game" he said. He assured me he had now received confirmation 'from the inside' of an Alien presence. "That doesn't mean I believe it" he said "but it means I have to make a choice. And it relates to something you wrote." I am intrigued...There are several burning questions I would like to put to Kit: who was Valerie really working for? Who was paying Bill Moore to spy on ufologists..."

Since 1990

Little has been published about Green's UFO interests in this period 1990 - 2005, apart from his role in the Serpo hoax episode.  I quote part of this latter citation:

"I recently asked Dr Green why he and Hal have remained so involved in this subject matter (UFOs) for so many years - always in the very 'thick' of scams such as MJ12, Project Aquarius, Burisch, and Project Serpo; risking getting "outed" and giving the general public the impression that they were also an integral part of the scams perpetrated and distributed by their friend Rick Doty and others. His answer was eloquent, as always:

"In hindsight, even my foray into 'The Team of FIVE' to try and see if Anonymous (The first one) was really a sitting US Government person, 'leaking' some classified data I had seen snippets of before (unrelated to UFO's, actually), to support disclosure in the guise of fiction to protect psyches...contributed. I am both continuously ashamed I didn't see the risk, and better informed that fewer angels dance on pins than I thought. I believe in angels too. But my stupid complicity has changed my entire way of both operating, and viewing what is happening. 'Physician...Heal Thyself'?" "


It is a great pity that Jacques Vallee has not yet published his diaries beyond 1989, as I suspect we would learn a lot more about Green from Vallee.

Post 2005

"From 2005 Dr. Green returned to private medicine and began working on a research project. This project involved compiling a structured database of individuals that were suffering enigmatic injuries, burns, skin lesions, cancer and diseases. The most significant factor being that all these people had also had 'face to face' encounters with UFO/UAPs. The analyses of which took some two years. It revealed some very interesting data. Although due to patient confidentiality a lot of it remains outside the public domain.

Many of Green's one hundred plus patients were military personnel or from aerospace industries. Their own search for treatment had been exhausted with little or no positive results from regular doctors. Dr Green worked on diagnosis from virtually nothing. He based his hypothesis on patients being exposed to some form of black ops technology such as Non-Lethal Weaponry, Holograms, Cloaking technology and drones. Brain scans, blood, DNA and endocrine tests were made.

However, one highly disturbing finding mentioned by Dr Green is that:
"Twenty five percent of my patients die within five to seven years of my diagnosis, and I have no idea of how any programs I knew about years ago can do these things. " (Source: Kit Green via the book 'Phenomenon' by Annie Jacobsen.)

Green later teamed up with Dr Garry Nolan a specialist in genetics, immunology and bioinformatics. Nolan agreed with Green. He thought patients had been exposed to an electromagnetic field leading to inflammation and other bio markers. 

These showed up in MRI, tissue and blood scans. Something medical technology had not previously been able to pinpoint. So called 'Experiencers of anomalous phenomena' often show certain biomarkers and DNA changes.

Dr Green has, in recent years, worked with Rendlesham Forest UFO witness John Burroughs. The results of which were successful treatment for heart damage and, after years of dispute, the Veterans' Association (VA) finally agreed to pay the treatment.

Interestingly John Burroughs claims he has a document proving that a weapon was developed off the back of what he encountered in Redlesham Forest. Although to date he has not released that publicly. While the reasons for treating these people are perfectly altruistic the data gleaned could also be vitally important to certain interested parties." [Source: ]

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