Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Review of Australian sightings listings

Hi all,


During my speech at the September 2014 VUFOA conference, I suggested that there was a need to compile Australian national level sightings listings, in order that we might all learn just what was being reported in this country. Melbourne researcher, Paul Dean and I undertook this task, and next month will see the publication of the twelfth in the series of monthly listings. The question now, is whether, given the workload this monthly compilation entails, or not, to continue this compilation each month?


These monthly listings are published on this blog; on Paul's own blog; in the AUFORN magazine "The UFOlogist;" and are sent to an email distribution of UFO researchers within Australia. A while ago I undertook a survey of these email distribution list recipients of the listings, to see what value they saw in the lists. The responses were overwhelmingly positive, and most respondents said they would like to see both "raw" and fully investigated cases. The survey found that no-one, however, had the time to take over the compilation of the lists from us.

The future

Paul and I have taken these comments into consideration, and decided however, that we do need to make some changes, given the time invested by the two of us. Our rationale was along the following lines.

Firstly, surprisingly the more interesting cases, have come in the main, not from UAP groups but directly to us, either from the witness, or from a direct referral.

Secondly, most of the reports in the lists continue to be "raw" ones, that is the originating group or individual has not conducted an investigation, for one of a number of valid reasons, e.g. lack of group resources. Paul and I do not have the time, or interest, to conduct a review of large numbers of sightings. As the late Professor J Allan Hynek once said, the only useful UAP report is one which has undergone a competent investigation and remains "unknown" at that point.

Thus we feel that the best use of our future time, would be to continue to scan YouTube; the 38 known Australian Facebook UAP communities; the Sydney Observatory website; and media outlets. Then, to use out own best judgement as to what seems to be a "good" case, and focus our attention on investigating and documenting these. In this way, future monthly listings will be numerically reduced, but should be of better quality sightings.

This will allow the two of us, more time to concentrate on Australian case investigations, something we see is needed; given that many Australian groups are time and resource poor to undertaken such intensive work.


We wish to advise that in future we will not be reporting on sightings which are listed in the publicly visible  US based Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) case management system.

No investigated Australian case reports have appeared in either the MUFON Journal or MUFON Newsletter in the last twelve months, despite the appointment of a new MUFON management group in Australia, and associated new field investigators.

In addition, no detailed investigation reports on Australian sightings have appeared on the "MUFON Australia" Facebook page during that same time frame.

Paul and I have lost confidence in this system and its lack of transparency, e.g. how many Australian cases have been followed up, researched, documented and dispatched to MUFON in the USA; the number of hoax cases submitted; and the non publication of its Australian investigations.

When we speak of detailed investigation reports, we mean similar to the following:

Chinderah, NSW  10 July 2015.

Oakey, Queensland  12 June 2015.

Townsville, Queensland 29 May 2015.

According to our blog counters, these reports have been viewed by over 4,000 people since they were published, thus providing both Australian and overseas blog readers with detailed information on current investigated reports in this country.

In summary

Our new process will commence from the October listings, with the September list (out 4 October) being the last one in the current format. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to submit sightings to us so far. Naturally, we would welcome the continued forwarding of cases you consider "interesting," for the future listings, particularly if you would like Paul and I to assist you in the investigation of a particular report.


  1. Hello Keith,

    thank you for your words and all your hard work.
    I would be prepared to pay for these newsletters, so if you had a subscription to help increase investigation I'm in. I would pay up to say $80 per year, but for everyone perhaps less will be better.

    Anyway just letting you know I would support the move to a subscription if it happened.

    Thanks for your time,

  2. following all your posts on your UFO investigations, Thankyou for your dedicated work in this field

    1. Hi Sharon,
      Thanks for your supportive comments. If I can assist you with any Australian case material off blog; please contact me at keithbasterfield@yahoo.com.au I have electronic copies of numerous documents on classic Australian cases through the years.


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