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Recent Australian sightings - investigation summary

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In my September 2015 talk "UFOs-An Anfractuous Phenomenon," prepared for a recent conference, which is available as a three part blog post series, here, here, and here, I mentioned the value of actually investigating local UFO reports. This is as opposed to simply sitting endlessly on Facebook and re-posting unverified videos, and dubious claims of alien bodies. Now, investigating local sightings may not be as exciting as this but it does have some real value.

In order to "walk the talk," since March 2014, Melbourne researcher Paul Dean and I have been doing just this. Apart from undertaking these investigations, which today can be done for a modest input of time and finance, via email, Skype and the occasional phone call, we have made the time to widely publish our findings.

One of the reasons we have done this is to encourage Australian UFO groups, Facebook communities, and interested individuals to conduct and publish investigations of their own, instead of simply writing up the raw data they get from electronic input forms on their websites; and incoming unverified telephone calls on their hotlines. These are of little value, in an un-investigated form.

What reports have we investigated and what have we found?

The following cases have been investigated by Paul and I with the assistance of a few associates. You can read the full investigation report by clicking on the location of the event.

19 March 2014 Perth international airport, WA
The pilot of a commercial aircraft had to make a sudden manoeuvre to avoid a cylindrical object which passed close by his aircraft. The Australian Transport Safety Bureau listed the object as an "unknown."

29 May 2014 South Coast, NSW
A fascinating, complex close encounter with unusual lights, a "scanning device" and other mysterious lights.

21September 2014 Armidale, New South Wales
Multiple witnesses report a close distance, nocturnal light.

2014/2015 Kairi, Queensland
Multiple observations of a strange "sting ray" object at night.

11 May 2015 Blue Haven, NSW
A daylight observation of a black/grey object hovering near power lines.

29 May 2015 Townsville, Queensland
A visual observation, with photographs, of lights circling in clouds.

12 June 2015 Oakey, Queensland
Two observers each took photographs of a strange cloud-like object.

10 July 2015 Chinderah, NSW
Multiple witnesses to two bright lights, with a structured object reported at close range.

23 August 2015 Point Cook, Victoria
A woman reported a strange object in  daylight.

17 September 2015 Cairns, Queensland
Multiple lights seen by a number of observers.

21 September 2015 Armidale, New South Wales
Two sightings of two sets of two nocturnal lights.

What can YOU do?

I urge Australian blog readers to consider undertaking their own investigations. Reports are constantly being made via Facebook Australian UFO communities; via the media and to Australian UFO groups.

If you see a report in the media, why not contact the reporter of the story, ask  them to put you in touch with the witness; talk to  that person, take note of what they say; and forward the details to myself at I will be happy to assist you either investigate, document or publish your findings. Your work will be fully credited, and will contribute to Australian research.

If you belong to an Australian UFO group, but do not feel  confident to undertake an investigation, I am happy to work with you to enhance your investigation skills. Please take a look at my post on investigation tools.

Paul and I welcome comments on our investigation reports.

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