Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Will Project Loon cause UAP reports in New Zealand?

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The 22nd June 2013 issue of "New Scientist" magazine (Volume 218 Number 2922 page 5) carries an item titled "Wi-Fi in the sky." In part it reads:

"Cyberspace really is full of hot air. Giant balloons floating 20 kilometres above Earth are set to beam internet access to remote areas. This is Google's Project Loon, an attempt to connect the two thirds of the world's population without web access.

The balloons, currently being trialled in New Zealand, deliver a coverage area of 1250 square kilometres as they pass overhead. Home computers connect to the nearest balloon and the signal is then bounced from balloon to balloon until it joins the internet back on the ground. Solar panels power the balloon's electronics."

Another potential source of UAP sightings. For more about the Project Loon, click here.

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