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"Alien End Game?" - Jenny Randles and UAP

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In an article titled "Alien End Game?", English researcher Jenny Randles, takes a look at the question "Do we need the concept of aliens in the modern UFO pantheon or are these beings just a space age equivalent of the dragons and the fairies - a once culturally relevant motif, that suited a particular time and place from which we have since moved on?" (Fortean Times  No. 297, March 2013 p.29.)

CE3s "have fallen off a cliff."

Jenny points out that "Another oddity is that reports of "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" have fallen off a cliff. Between the 1940s and 1970s, reports of aliens alongside or inside UFOs formed most alien contact. A dramatic rise in claims of abductions followed. By the 1990's, these were the majority of reported alien contacts and CE3s were vanishing. Today, abductions are far fewer and CE3s are all but gone."

"Real aliens likely are out there, but I believe that astronomers will find them, not ufologists. Instead, there is real potential to make discoveries in areas such as the nature of consciousness and rare atmospheric energy sources to tame and use as a future resource. But we will only find these if we look in the right places - and we will only look if we lay aside our frustrating quest for beings that, in the end, appear to be illusionary. We should instead call an end game to that quest and search for the true cause of puzzling UFOs."

This line of thinking was explored in one of Jenny's previous articles in Fortean Times No. 295, January 2013 p29.) Two cases are presented where independent witnesses saw something different to the primary witness.


In Lindholmen, Sweden, a man was walking across a road when there was a blinding light. In hospital, his body showed signs of static electricity. Via hypnosis, he recalled alien contact. "A second person passing by on an adjacent road had seen what happened. They did indeed observe the unusual ball of light fall from the sky...but they did not see any aliens or the witness being floated in the air."

On 8 October 1972, in the UK, a security guard heard a humming noise, then saw a disc shaped object hovering nearby. It left at speed. A second security guard just metres away from the first, saw nothing unusual at all.

Jenny postulates "Does this variation in  the 'depth' of a UFO experience relate to a witness' proximity to a UFO imply that our perceptions change the closer we are to an associated energy field?"

"My data suggests that as we enter such a 'Sphere of Influence' the way we "experience" a "UFO" is indeed altered. The UAP or glowing energy ball described by more distant observers is perhaps an indication that they were experiencing the phenomenon through lower levels of distortion, and that these escalate as they approach the sphere and their exposure to its energy increases. They may even detect this rising energy as a buzzing sound, a tingling in the brain, before consciousness is progressively affected, triggering perception of a fantastic close encounter."

Vehicle interference cases:

Likewise, in the February 2013 issues of Fortean Times page 29 Randles examines the reduction in numbers of vehicle interference cases, concluding "...the apparent fall in car stop cases could be hard evidence that these UFOs are not extraterrestrial in origin, but an unidentified atmospheric phenomenon."

Australian examples:

Jenny's articles struck a chord with me, and two striking Australian cases came to mind.

On the 16th September 1974 at St Helens in Tasmania, a woman and her two children were travelling by car at 2115hrs. Light rain was falling. They heard static on the car radio, then the car lost power, then stopped. The vehicle's headlights, radio, heater and dashboard lights all went out. A deafening vibrating noise enveloped the car for a minute. Quite painful electrical shocks were felt by all three passengers. The car was then filled with a chocking smell. The occupants fled the vehicle. When they returned all was normal. Mrs Richards suffered a numb right side of her face and a five cent sized mark above her right eyebrow. The day after the event, her arms and fingers were badly swollen and she had difficulty walking. (TUFOIC files.)

The second Australian case happened on 5th February 1979 at Lawitta Tasmania.  A man was driving his catr alone at 2150hrs and noted that his car radio had stopped working. Seconds later, an intense white light enveloped the car and he could not see beyond the bonnet. The car's lights and motor failed. The next thing he remembers is being stopped by police. He was taken to hospital, examined and found to be in a state of shock. His Ford Cortina T71C was found to have a flat battery; and had a low oil level. The cutoff switch in the alternator needed replacing as did wiring, especially of the headlights. The radiator's water level was also low. (TUFOIC files.)

What do blog readers think about these ideas of Jenny's?

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