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"UFOs:Food for Thought" - An Australian novel about UAP

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This is only the second time that this blog has featured a novel about UAP. The first was "UFOs in her eyes" by author Xiaolu Guo and set in China (click here to read the post.) Later in this post, I will reveal why I am mentioning this Australian novel.

John Meskell:

The novel is called "UFOs:Food for Thought" by Queenslander John Meskell. It was published in 2009 by Zeus Publications, Burleigh, Queensland. ISBN is 978-1-921674-24-5. Although it is a few years old now, I have never made the time to track down a copy and read it. However, I recently located a copy through my local library and rectified my omission.

The storyline:

Cecelia Patton and her daughter, Gail, encounter a UAP near Charleville, Queensland, and an abduction event ensues. A friend, Ted Skinner, also observes the UAP. Cecelia's husband, Bill, is a police officer and makes an official report about the incident.

Enter government investigator, Maxwell Carter, who is assigned to look into the incident. While in dialogue with his off-sider, Carter cites the details of such real life sightings as Boianai (1959); Bougainville Reef (1965); Tully (1966); a Townsville detective's sighting, and the Valentich disappearance (1978.)

Carter and his partner, Harold Barlow; Lieutenant Humphries, Military Intelligence, Australian Army, a RAAF representative, people from the CSIRO and three other Army staff go off to investigate the Patton's abduction.

Carter and Barlow then go on to investigate other cases, including one in Western Australia involving three men who appear to have been abducted. From there, the story develops. You will have to get a copy of the book to find out what unfolds from there.

John Meskell's UAP interests:

"UFOs: Food for Thought" is a work of fiction, but I would like to draw your attention to the author's interest in UAP. John Meskell was a central participant in the reporting of the 1965 Bougainville Reef aircraft encounter (click here and here for my posts on this intriguing event,) and the  Townsville detective's story in the novel, is actually Meskell's own sighting. In addition, Meskell had another sighting in 1967 which he reported to the RAAF (click here.)

Back to the novel:

I enjoyed the novel, and suggest that it would be well worth your while to find a copy of the novel and read it for yourself.

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