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Alien implants - when was the first case?

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In 2003 I was fortunate to be able to publish a detailed study  titled "The Implant Motif in UFO Abduction Literature," in volume 8 (new series) of the Journal of UFO Studies.

One of the questions which I posed in this article was, when was the first case reported in the literature? I found that three cases vied for the title of the earliest published case. All three were published in 1979.

The three:

They were:

1. The Betty Andreasson case.
2. An unknown experiencer reported by Raymond Fowler.
3. Dona Clelia T.R.

I wrote:

"The third case is a little-known Brazilian event, also first published in 1979 (Portuguese translation in Gevaerd & Stevens, 1987.) In this instance, during a May 2 1976, hypnotic regression session recalling an abduction, a woman (Dona Clelia T. R. ) responded to  a question by replying 'I put a hand to my ear and he said no, that I would keep the device [inside] now; that I could not take it out by hand, that this was surgery.'" (Gevaerd & Stevens, 1987, p.143.)


Recently, I received an email from researcher Luis R Gonzalez, with some new information about Dona Clelia T. R.

Luis stated that the case was definitely not an implant one. The revised English translation of the particular questions are sourced from SBEDV Bulletin # 129-131, July-Dec 1979.

Question # 88 (DSL) "What is your impression?"

Answer # 88 (Clelia) "I think it is strange, because the pain has passed. I have put my hand to my ear and he replies that no, no, that I'm gonna have a little scar now. I should not have touched it, that it was surgery."

Question # 89. (DSL) "Surgery? What for?"

Answer # 89 (Clelia) "Because my eardrums have been ruptured. The pain was so strong."

Question # 90 (DSL) "And he gave you some stitches?"

Answer # 90 (Clelia) "The impression I had was that I had my eardrums blown apart, understood? when he spoke of surgery I ...he spoke of surgery and is surgery but not like yours.

Question # 91 (DSL) "Maybe they did not know that such a noise could break your eardrums? It, they were blown up, weren't they?"

Answer # 91 (Clelia) "I do not know."

No implant:

Luis then writes to me:

"Thus, there was no "implant," just a small scar to be left because she had touched her ear, following surgery to repair her broken eardrum ( a somewhat extreme measure because usually eardrums repair  themselves in a few weeks.) Surprisingly, (or not) the investigations apparently did not check if there were really was any scar (there should have been two of them...)"

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    1. Alcohol
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    were NEVER part of Australia.

    They are all ALIEN IMPLANTS.


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