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A close encounter with a mystery light

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I appreciate feedback from blog readers, so was delighted to hear from one reader who took great interest in a previous post about a mysterious object seen near Kimba, South Australia (click here to read this post.) I made contact with the reader, and had a telephone conversation with him about his fascinating account. The following is his story as told to me over the phone.

Steve's story:

In July 1996 "Steve" was travelling alone in his HR Holden between Perth and Sydney. By about 3am he was some 5-10 minutes away from Kimba, in South Australia. He pulled the vehicle off the road, behind a mound of gravel, near the entrance to a farm, to answer the call of nature.
While outside the vehicle, a light, the size of a torch appeared. It was at a height of about 4 metres above a gate, and was swaying from side to side. He went around the back of his car to get back in the drivers side and then saw, the same or a similar light above the gravel mound. He jumped into his car and took off from the area. His immediate thought had been that the light was a farmer with a torch looking at him and the other light was a torch from a truck driver who’s truck was parked there.
He noticed that a light, like a motor cycle headlight was following him very closely. He got to Iron Knob, and the light disappeared. His thinking was still along the lines that a shift worker on a motor bike had been following him. He travelled on to Port Augusta and got some petrol. By this time he had become scared, with the thought that he was "being watched."
The light reappears:
On the way out of Port Augusta the light reappeared again on his tail and was very close, almost tailgating. He then reached the turn off to Peterborough. He turned left and pulled up to confront whatever was "tailgating" him. He got out of the car and there was a white orb, hovering, moving left to right, about the size of a tennis ball (perhaps slightly smaller") at a distance of "2 feet" off the boot of the car and at the same height off the ground as he was. He recalled that he had two disposable cameras in the car, got one and went back to the rear of the car, found the ball was still there, but realised that there were no shots left on that camera. He went back to the car for the second camera, retrieved it, and at that point as he went back to the rear of the vehicle and put the camera up to his eye to take a photo, the ball retreated in to a nearby paddock at speed. He took 2 photographs of it in that position, while he was outside the car.
The ball of light when seen at close range, appeared spherical, but had a white cone shape below it in which the light "tapered off." He then re entered the car and drove off trying to chase the light which had now went back towards the turn off, where it disappeared. At this point he said he was terrified so turned back towards Port Augusta.
Around this point he realised there were now two lights. One behind him and one off to the right hand side. He returned to Port Augusta and pulled into a service station where the light stopped just before the station and on the edge of darkness and hovered there as if watching what he was doing. Steve then rang his father. His father mentioned the concept of "min min" lights.
The second night:
Steve then drove from Port Augusta to Hay, during the daytime. He got to Hay about dusk , had a couple of hours sleep and then travelled on towards West Wyalong after dark. It is flat countryside. He was watching his rear vision mirror for anything unusual or if a car was behind him, which there wasn’t. As soon as it got dark and the sun had set a light appeared in the rear vision mirror. He turned the mirror away. The light then came to the vehicle's side. He pulled up and went back to Hay. At that point the light seemed to be a car which overtook him. He had a torch with him that wouldn't work. He noticed his vehicle's speedometer was erratic. He decided to stay the night in Hay at a motel.
Later he had the film developed. He expected to see a shot of the light in the paddock taken from a position outside his car. Instead the shot showed as if taken from a position through the front windscreen. He cannot account for the difference between his recollection and the actual photograph. However the light can be seen clearly in the 2 photo’s taken.
Both "Steve" and I would like to hear from any other blog readers who have come across similar accounts from this part of the world.

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