Saturday, September 10, 2011

Linda Moulton-Howe and the Malmstrom case

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A rainy day in Adelaide, South Australia sees me re-reading part of the book "The Myth and Mystery of UFOs" authored by Thomas E Bullard, published by the University Press of Kansa, and recalling that Linda Moulton-Howe was in Adelaide in July of this year.

The part of the book which this post concerns, is where Bullard is commenting about the reported 1975 Malmstrom case in the USA.

"Whatever else about the Malmstrom story dangles in uncertainty, there is no mistaking the glaring contrast between the documentary version and the version in the UFO literature. No documents report that a security team balked before a UFO the size of a football field or that radar tracked anything to 200,000 feet. Nowhere do we read of interference with Minuteman missiles. Where do these sensational additions come from?

"The answer lies with filmaker Linda Moulton-Howe, whose research on cattle mutilations led to a prize-winning documentary, A Strange harvest, first broadcast in 1980. She had no interest in mutilations in 1975, but one night her brother phoned her with some intriguing UFO hearsay from Malmstrom.

"He said that a huge UFO shone a light 'brighter than daylight' on one of the missile silos; security guards refused to approach the object; jets attempted to intercept it, but it blinked out until they departed; and targeting information of a missile computer had changed. She later recognised the possible significance of these claims in connection with the concurrent cattle mutilation epidemic in Montana." (Bullard page 34 citing Linda Moulton-Howe. An Alien Harvest. Littleton, CO. Linda Moulton-Howe profuctions. 1989. pp23-24.)

Bullard continues "Lawrence Fawcett and Barry J Greenwood, two pioneer FOIA researchers who published their findings in Clear Intent (1984), began their Chapter on Malmstrom with the story told by Linda Howe but identified her as the source and then supplemented the account from recovered documents. Howe readily admitted that her information was hearsay." (Bullard page 35.)

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