Monday, September 5, 2011

Australian 'flying saucer' reports - pre-1951 - analysis

This is the fifth in a series of posts which have documented mostly previously unknown pre-1951 Australian newspaper reports about 'flying saucers.' I'd now like to make a few comments about this collection of material from the years 1947 to 1950, which predates the official Australian government interest which did not start until mid 1950.

It will be seen from the details of these newspaper accounts, that there were indeed Australian 'flying saucer' reports prior to 1951. Even from the minimal details given in some accounts, many appear to have mundane explanations, such as meteors. Indeed, "the authorities" suggested explanations ranging from "a comet" (10 July 1947); "a low shooting star" (2 January 1949); "a meteor" (29 November 1950) and "aurora borealis" (13 August 1950.)

Readers will note, that unlike reports coming out of other countries at this time, Australian newspaper articles feature no dramatic aircraft encounters; no reported close encounters; and no reports of objects on the ground.

Of particular note are the two February 1947 reports from my home state of South Australia, which predate the Kenneth Arnold sighting, by four months, which do appear "unknowns."

In summary, Australian  reports of 'flying saucers' pre-1951 do exist; are mainly mundane in nature; and most have not been previously documented by Australian UFO researchers.

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