Saturday, September 10, 2011

Further Australian Aboriginal accounts

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Following on from my recent posts about Australian Aboriginal UFO reports, I checked my copies of Keith Basterfield's 1997 book "UFOs," and Bill Chalker's 1996 book "The Oz Files," to see if they contained more information about UFO reports made by Australian Aboriginal people.

A reported 1951 encounter:

Keith's catalogue of Australian reports, includes details of a reported 1951 encounter in Central Australia. "Members of the Unmatjera tribe of Aborigines reported seeing two shiny circular objects on the ground, some nine to fifteen metres across. A very small man-like creature with a bulbous head, wearing a shiny suit, is said to have transferred from one object to the other. Both objects then took off, making a buzzing sound." (For more on the Unmatjera click here.)

The source cited for this account is Edwards, Frank. 1966. "Flying Saucers: Serious Business." Mayflower. London. Page 169. Edwards' book fails to cite an original source for the event. Although many sources cite this case (e.g. click here) I have been unable to locate any original sources for this case.

Bill's book:

Bill writes "Aboriginal myths incorporate the idea of 'sky-beings,' with the Wandjina being among the most interesting to consider." (p17.) (Click here for more on the Wandjina connection.)

A 1933 account from Discovery Well, via the researcher Rex Gilroy, told of an Aboriginal woman's abduction by grey-skinned man-like creatures. (p.20.)

Western Australian researcher John Kernott is cited (p.21) as providing accounts from Aboriginal women in the Great Sandy Desert and the Central Desert, about "...spirits having sex with them, about having babies when no baby ever comes."

Chalker continues "Some of the above-events might suggest a literal extraterrestrial explanation, but one should be careful not to uproot such tales from the cultural setting they emerged from and stamp them with western cultural ideas... (p.22.)


I would welcome comments from readers who know of other references to UFO encounters by indigenous Australians. I may be contacted at or via this blog.

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