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Australian 'flying saucer' reports 1950 Jul to Dec

This is the fourth of my recent posts looking at mostly previously unknown Australian newspaper articles about 'flying saucers' which I located in digitised newspapers held in the collection of the National Library of Australia. It covers the second half of the year 1950.

July 1950 Avoca,Victoria
A young farmer, Alexanda Holland, aged 23, reported seeing seven shining discs, each "slightly larger than the full Moon," travel across the night sky. He firstly noted a bright light, then saw "a shiny disc rise from the southern horizon, flew high overhead-at terrific speed and at a great height-and disappeared in the east." Six similar objects followed in rapid succession. "They all travelled in the same direction, except one, which turned sharply and returned where it came from." (The Argus, Melbourne, Sat 15 Jul 1950 p3.)

July 1950 Hobart,Tasmania
At 1.55am a witness saw an object  which "flew at a terrific speed and at very low altitude, shooting out bright blue flames." (The Mercury, Hobart, Wed 5 Jul 1950 p3.)

8 July 1950 Launceston, Tasmania
Two men saw a bright light in the northern sky. It was blinking on and off rapidly, and disappeared after five minutes. First seen at 12.40pm. (Examiner, Launceston Mon 10 Jul 1950 p3.)

9 July 1950 Launceston, Tasmania
One man reported seeing a bright blinking light at 12.40pm. It disappeared after five minutes to the north. (Examiner, Launceston Mon 10 Jul 1950 p3.)

13 August 1950 Seaspray, Victoria
Mysterious beams of light, were seen to the north-east and out to sea between 8-11pm. One witness thought it was a searchlight. However, both the RAAF and Navy said they had no units in the vicinity. Astronomers said they thought the phenomenon was due to the aurora borealis. (Morning Bulletin, Rockhampton Mon 14 Jul 1950 p1.)

14 August 1950 St Kilda, Victoria
Three young men "saw a flying saucer travelling at terrific speed at a height of about 40,000 feet." It left a green trail and had what looked like cabin light ahead of the tail." (Morning Bulletin, Rockhampton Mon 14 Aug 1950 p1.)

29 November 1950 Southern Queensland and Northern NSW
Many observers saw "an object emitting a bright light streak" cross the sky. Times ranged from 7-7.30pm and durations were between 3-5 seconds. Airline pilot Herman said it was a greenish-blue colour, travelled horizontally and suddenly went out. (Townsville Daily Bulletin Fri 1 Dec 1950 p1.)

14 December 1950 Sydney, NSW
Mr Soult saw a "brilliant disc-like object" flash across the sky and disappear in a northerly direction." It was bright blue and had no tail. Duration 3-4 seconds. (Cairns Post Thu 14 Dec 1950 p5.)

16 December 1950 Burnie, Tasmania
Mr Russell of Cooee and his son reported seeing a "dazzling object moving eastward at a terrific speed." It was zig-zagging and diving about. At one stage it hovered for a short while then floated off again. About sunset. Seen for one minute. (The Mercury, Hobart Mon 18 Dec 1950 p2.)

18 December 1950 Mildura, NSW
"Something which looked like a 'flying saucer' was seen high in the sky." Two men on a fishing trip at 2.15pm saw a small, round, noiseless, whitish object travelling swiftly north. It as seen for one minutes before being lost behind trees. ( The Mercury, Hobart Mon 18 Dec 1950 p2.)

25 December 1950 Invermay, Tasmania
Mr Murray about 4pm saw two very bright objects in the sky. "They looked like shiny balls of fire." They followed one another and disappeared in a few seconds. (Examiner, Launceston Thu 28 Dec 1950 p2.)

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