Friday, September 2, 2011

Australian 'flying saucer' reports 1950 Jan to Jun

The third part in my look at newspaper reports of pre-1951 reports.

The year 1950 brought numerous accounts, far more than the period 1947 to 1949. Here is what I found.

Scarborough, Western Australia 5 April 1950
About 5.50pm three men saw an object in the sky for about four seconds. It travelled east-west, "fairly large circle or ball, pale blue in colour, with a tail." (The West Australian, Perth 19 Apr 1950 p2.)

Perth, Western Australia 18 April 1950
Two residents reported a large, bright orange-red ball, flying at high speed. It was seen for two minutes and travelled west to east. (The Mercury, Hobart 19 Apr 1950 p2.)

Nedlands, Perth, Western Australia 18 April 1950
A Mr Vincent was at home when he noticed an orange light approach from Como and pass over his house. It was high up and travelling very fast. (The West Australian, Perth, 19 Apr 1950 p2.)

Fremantle, Western Australia 18 April 1950
A Mr Martin saw an object at 1000 feet. It appeared to be 20 feet in diameter, orange in colour and was "going round and round." Duration three minutes. (The West Australian Perth 19 Apr 1950 p2.)

Prospect, Adelaide, South Australia 22 April 1950
A woman reported seeing a white object, moving fast, cross the sky. (The Advertiser 29 Apr 1950 p1.)

Gilberton, Adelaide, South Australia 27 April 1950
A "pale golden disc" travelled rapidly across the sky, going east and rising as it went. "It was followed by a tail like a comet." "The disc finally rose steeply and curved," then disappeared. The Government astronomer said it did not tally with an astronomical phenomenon. (The Advertiser, Adelaide 29 Apr 1950 p1.)

Mt Gambier, South Australia 23 May 1950
Four men said they saw a flying saucer at 12.55pm, flying south-east "probably five or six miles high, travelling very fast in a straight course." (The Advertiser, Adelaide 31 may 1950 p12.)

Canberra, ACT 25 May 1950
TAA pilots Savage and Hestilow were piloting a TAA freighter aircraft and reported seeing "what they thought might be a flying saucer." However, "Both are convinced it was the planet Venus." (The Mail, Adelaide 27 May 1950 p3.)

Lilydale, Tasmania 26 June 1950
A Mr Campbell reported "a flying saucer." (The Mercury, Hobart 28 Jun 1950 p5.)

Ringareeman, Tasmania 27 June 1950
Mr and Mrs Jacobs saw "a very bright moving object in the western sky." "It was moving towards the south and was the size of a large star...It was throwing off red, blue and green flashes and was visible for 15 minutes." (The Mercury, Hobart 28 Jun 1950 p5.)

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