Sunday, July 10, 2011

"Ultraterrestrial contact" part two

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My apologies for the last post which mysteriously ended at "Portals." Somehow, even after showing the whole post in "Preview;" when published the last section disappeared! Here it is.


"There are several places on Earth that seem to serve as portals to other dimensions adjacent to our own." (p.179.) Imbrogno includes the Hudson River Valley in New York, in this list. "The locations I've mentioned above are not randomly placed; they are in fact located on nodes or twisting points in our planet's magnetic field." (p.179.)


"Since the 1950's, people with great interest in the UFO phenomenon have thought the US government knows more than it is willing to admit, concealing and suppressing the spread of information." (p.245.)

"I believe that a small part of the government attached to our intelligence agencies does in fact have information about UFOs, hidden from the public, congress, and the military." (p.246.)


Among the 1983 Hudson River Valley UFO observations, came sightings of "mystery aircraft." Imbrogno and others tracked a group of aircraft to Stewart International Airport and a supposedly closed section.


"The contact phenomenon is very real...The contact phenomenon affects people from all walks of life, from every culture around the world. No particular race, religion, or level of education is immune." (p.287.)

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