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"Ultraterrestrial contact"

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Welcome to another cold, wet, cloudy winter's day here in Adelaide, South Australia. Today's post is about a book I missed out reading, when it came out last year. It is titled "Ultraterrestrial Contact: A Paranormal Investigator's Explorations into the Hidden Abduction Epidemic" by Philip J Imbrogno, published by Llewellyn Publications, Woodbury, Minnesota. ISBN 978-0-7387-1959-7.

I like to read the work of longterm UFO researchers to learn what views they have formed over time. Imbrogno is an American who has looked into UFOs and the paranormal, for thirty plus years.

Hudson Valley:

Imbrogno was in the right place to study the mystery of the large, black, triangular UFOs which were observed by hundreds of people in the Hudson River Valley in the USA, in the 1980's and 1990's. Chapter 2 of the book provides example after example of these sightings.


Hidden behind the observations of triangles Imbrogno found numerous accounts of contact. "Evidence also indicates the intelligence behind contact phenomena has established communication with thousands of individuals on our tiny planet." (p.61.)

"I believe evidence indicates that in many cases, we are not dealing with a physical phenomenion, per se. It is my belief that many UFO sightings and claims of contact are the product of psychic (and on occasion, physical) communication with an incorporal life form." (p.62.)

"...I believe every close encounter is purposeful, not accidental. My analysis has me convinced that many cases of this type are types of pre-contact experience." (p.65.)

Chapter three:

"The Contact Phenomenon" contains a variety of encounter cases. A typical case was that of "Jane" who on 20 Jun 1992, retired to bed at 11pm. At 3.35am a beam of light shone on her bed. Now awake, she found her body paralyzed. Her husband lay in bed on his back and unresponsive. A figure materialized at the foot of the bed. The being spoke to Jane and told her she would be receiving messages. "...that would help the human race throughout the very hard times approaching in the future." (p.79.)


Chapter four moves into the area of abduction cases. A typical example is "Maria" and "George" in 1992, from, Newburgh, New York.

From childhood, Maria saw "ghosts" and George had unusual dreams and UFO sightings. Once married other things happened. "George feels he has been chosen by an alien intelligence to perform some function in the future." (p.123.) Gray aliens abducted them. Electromagnetic disturbances occurred in their home. Interestingly, "Maria generally has more of a recollection of seeing the beings than George..." (p.125.)

Nocturnal visits:

"My research has shown that the strangest, most bizarre occurrences take place at around three in the morning." (p.139.)


Deviating from stories of close encounters, and abductions, chapter six takes a look at fairies, and spirits. Imbrogno relates accounts of sightings of these types of beings in US pre-colonial times.


"There are several

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  1. Hiya Pauline, your winter weather is just about identical to my English summer!

    Phil's just retired from the field after it was discovered that he faked his educational background. He's basically fabricated every qualification imaginable.

    As you'd imagine, this raises big questions about all his 'research.' I'd suggest that every claim he made in the book was fantasy. there was no visit to Saudi, no dinner with Saudi princes and nobody ever told him about stargates and international teams of off-world demon-hunters.


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