Friday, July 29, 2011

ET life inside black holes?

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An unusually warm winter's day here in Adelaide, 20 degrees Celsius, with possible light rain, according to the local ABC radio news.

When UFO researchers think of the origin point for ET visitors, they usually consider planets around nearby star systems. Recently, however, some scientists have been considering ET life in far more exotic localities.

An article by Myles Gough, in the Jun/Jul 2011 issue of Cosmos magazine (page 14) considers life beyond the event horizon of a black hole!

"Planets with advanced life could hypothetically exist within the boundaries of spinning super massive black holes. Drawing from previous notions that subatomic particles such as photons have stable orbits inisde black holes, Vyacheslav Dokuchev, a physicist from the Institute for Nuclear Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences, states that planets could also find steady orbits near black holes.

"The idea is predicated on planets voyaging through a black hole's event horizon - the imaginary gravitational boundary-line beyond which nothing, even light, can escape. It could explain the paradox that asks ,"If the extraterrestrial civilisation exists, why don't we hear and see them?"

"Inside a rotating black hole, there are two event horizons that a traversing planet would need to pass through before settlingh into a stable periodic orbit.

"According to the theory, the inner-domain of a black hole could also provide sufficient energy to support life, suggesting that advanced civilisations could exist on the inside; invisible to the outside universe.

"Charley Lineweaver, an astrophysicist from the Australian national University in Canberra, said that while these ideas weren't explained in enough detail,there's nothing wrong with far-fetched theories. "There have been a few papers entertaining ideas that we are living in a black hole right now. These ideas may not be completely crazy," he said."

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  1. "There have been a few papers entertaining ideas that we are living in a black hole right now. These ideas may not be completely crazy," he said."

    I enjoy reading the far-out ideas as much as I used to enjoy good sci-fi. Isaac Asimov wrote a stunning story about the wind-down of the universe (entropy), I'll link it in case you haven't read it; it's deep and leaves a smile.

    Given the apparent abundance of black holes in the universe, if life exists out there, somewhere a civilisation is drifting into one. Imagine being technologically advanced enough to realise this and yet being unable to do anything more than observe and record? It'd be awful!


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