Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"A tale of two sciences" part two

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This post continues my look at the 2009 book by Peter A Sturrock, "A Tale of Two Sciences."

In 1971, while working on pulsars, Sturrock recruited Jacques Vallee as a research scientist. Sturrock says "It came as a huge surprise to me to learn that Jacques had published three books on the UFO problem..." (pp49-50.)

In reading Vallee's books, Sturrock said to himself "This is intriguing. I should look at some independent and if possible more reliable evidence to see if there really is something to it." (p.50.) He turned to the 1969 "Condon report." (Click here.) However, this report did not turn out to be what he had thought it would be. Sturrock wrote an analysis of the report, but found that he was unable to get it published in a mainstream science journal.

"Part of me remained a reasonably successful scientist...but another part of me was becoming a maverick - even - heretical." (p.57.)

In chapter nine Sturrock describes his involvement in the American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA.) In 1968 the AIAA established a UFO sub-committee. Sturrock carried out a survey of the AIAA San Fransisco Chapter; and later in 1975 was involved in "...a special session of an AIAA meeting..." (p.68) which brought together a number of UFO researchers. He also conducted a UFO survey of members of the American Astronomical Society.

Sturrock then organised a "...two day workshop on Extraterrestrial civilization which was held at Stanford...1974..." (p.72.) Three UFO researchers participated.

In 1981 in conjunction with other colleagues, Sturrock founded a new society, Society for Scientific Exploration which is still going today. (Click here.)

1996 brought an opportunity, through Laurance S Rockefeller's interest in the UFO phenomenon to bring together a group of UFO researchers and a panel of scientists, to preset a review of "...evidence on physical properties and effects related to UFO events." (p.116.)

More in the next post.

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