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Jacobsen, Redfern and an Adelaide informant

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An Adelaide informant once told me of his father's apparent knowledge of the Roswell "crash."

Going back in time:

Annie Jacobsen's recent book, "Area 51," in part, recounts an EG&G engineer's account of a Russian aircraft crashing at Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947.

The engineer spoke of bodies, and two still alive people being found in the craft. He stated that these individuals were "...human guinea-pigs...They were grotesquely deformed...They had unusually large heads and abnormally shaped oversize eyes..." (p.368.)

The engineer went on to state that "The Atomic Energy Commission...was put in charge of the Roswell crash remains." (p.368.)

When I read this, it reminded me of stories which featured in Nick Redfern's book "Body Snatchers in the Desert." 2005. Paraview Pocket books. New York. ISBN 0-7434-9753-8. These stories included:

Black widow:

In 2001, the "Black widow" who claimed to have worked at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tennessee related that elements of the United States government conducted high altitude balloon tests with attached gondolas, which contained live test subjects, as well as dead bodies.

These subjects were handicapped humans, including sufferers of Progeria. She speaks of at least three classified balloon flights in May, June and July 1947.

The Colonel:

In 2003, the "Colonel" surfaced and stated that there were no alien crashes and that "...the Roswell and other 1947 events were given a "crashed UFO cover" to hide research that was linked with classified high-altitude balloon experiments..." (p.99.)

This source described crashes in May and July 1947 of two experimental aircraft. On board were handicapped people. "This whole mess in the desert from May to August 1947 with the lifting bodies and the high-altitude balloons..." (p.109.)


Redfern's conclusion was that in May 1947 there was a crash of an experimental aircraft with handicapped people on board; and in early 1947 a second vehicle attached to a balloon array which also crashed with its crew of Japanese. He believes it was these crashes (perhaps with others) which generated the popularly known Roswell legend.

An Adelaide informant:

Months before the publication of Redfern's book, and six years before the release of Jacobsen's work, I heard a similar story, right here in Adelaide, South Australia.

I was interviewed on ABC radio station, 891AM, on Tuesday 11 January 2005 concerning the Disclosure Australia Project being undertaken by the Adelaide based, Australian UFO Research Association.

After the interview, the show's producer relayed the name and contact details for a man who had phoned in while I was on air, who said he'd like to speak to me.

I phoned him back later that day, and based on what he guardedly told me, I made arrangements to visit him at his Adelaide home on 15 January 2005.

The man, whom I will refer to as "Martin" revealed to me the contents of a conversation which had taken place between Martin and his father, some years previously. However, the condition under which he told me this, was that I was not to repeat it to anyone else, without the written permission of Martin, or until his death.

At that time, he was suffering from a critical heart condition and there was some thought in his mind that he might not long survive, and that he wished to tell his story to someone in case his death occurred. It was in this sense a "deathbed confession." I therefore initially kept his confidence.

Enter Body snatchers:

When I read Redfern's book and saw the similarities of the stories contained in this work with what Martin had told me, I told Martin of Redfern's research and conclusions. I asked that Martin release me from my commitment to remain silent. This he did in writing. Then with Martin's consent I told his story to Nick Redfern, who later interviewed Martin by phone from the USA.

Martin's account as told to me:

Martin's father was English and he worked in British Military Intelligence. In about 1959, when Martin was 12 year's old, his father told him a story which he asked Martin not to relate to anyone else until Martin was either very old, or about to die.

Martin's father told Martin that his knowledge came from American military intelligence source, and that the events related to the 1947 time period.

The details which Martin recounted to me, 46 years later included:

The American's were working on getting into space. Their biggest concern was getting back to Earth and landing without killing the people inside the space vehicle. Landing in water was not considered, but a ground landing was the order of the day.

The Americans were experimenting with craft they dropped from 'aircraft' flying in the stratosphere. Also, gigantic balloons were being flown in the stratosphere to drop craft fitted with retrorockets and a drogue shute.

The retrorocket was fitted with an altimeter to fire them close to the ground. Lots of UFO sightings were of these craft. The US released bogus flying saucer sightings and later discredited them.

One night during one of these experiments with one of these craft an incident occurred. They had previously used monkeys and other animals such as pigs on board. Prisoners could volunteer for dangerous missions in return for early release but were not used in these experiments. Two to three live people were needed. The government got people with hydrocephalus-water on the brain- from a facility.

This condition produces people with big heads, tiny bodies, jaundiced colour-one even had no eyes. They put these people in the craft-either the balloon ruptured early or blew off course and came down. Retrorockets went off and set fire to it. It landed and a farmer/rancher saw it and reported it.

One of the humans on board was still alive. The authorities were very concerned that the rancher had hidden souvenirs from the wreckage. The balloons were of chrome plated cellophane to reflect the heat. The experiments were conduced at night so balloons would not explode in the daylight.

The rancher told everyone in town. A medical retrieval came for the "creature." The wreckage was retrieved. They knowingly decided to release a story that little green men had landed and that the Americans had taken them away. This statement was then discredited. Humans had been used and had not given their consent.

This then was the story given to me in January 2005, well before Redfern's book emerged and many years before Jacobsen's Area 51 book.

What do readers think of these similar stories? Was the Roswell vehicle man made or extraterrestrial?

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  1. Keith,

    I seem to remember the hydro-cephalic idea being discussed many years ago (1990's?). On page 59 from 1992 one of the witnesses describes the aliens as "His head was ... a child who has hydrocephalus ..."

    I'm sure there were other references to this idea but I can't remember where I saw it.


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