Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Contactee George Adamski in New Zealand and Australian government files

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I have been continuing my reading about "contactees." I was surprised to find material about them in both the New Zealand and Australian government UFO files.

George Adamski was a high profile American contactee in the 1950's and 1960's (click here to read about the George Adamski Foundation. )

One of the recently released New Zealand Defence Force UFO files, AIR 39/3/3 Volume 1-Parts 1 and 2 had a document on it about Adamski from 1955. It is titled "75 Questions and Answers asked Geo Adamski by the New Zealand "Adamski Flying Saucer Group" in Timaru. (Click here to read the files.)

Adamski toured New Zealand in 1959 and the American embassy there, sent a "Foreign Service Dispatch" to the US FBI about Adamski's activities in that country. (Source: Redfern, Nick. 2010. "Contactees." The Career Press. Franklin Lakes. NJ. p41.)

Adamski also toured Australia in 1959 (click here to read an item by Bill Chalker on this tour.)

In the National Archives of Australia (NAA), I found a file belonging to the Australian Security Intelligence Agency (ASIO), file series A6122, control symbol 2155, about the Queensland Flying Saucer Research Bureau which mentioned an Australian contactee, Sonjia Ljubicin.

According to the ASIO file, Ljubicin was an Australian national, formerly from Yugoslavia. The file states that she "...was carried away to the extent that she believed she had travelled in space craft to other planets." Ljubicin left Australia on 21 July 1959 "...to join George Adamski..." in the USA.

A check of other NAA files found several titles about Ljubicin, among them files series BP25/1 Ljubicin, S. Alien registration papers. Yugoslavian, arrived Newcastle, on the Amarapoora on 23 April 1950. Also there was file series A12155 control symbol 528. Dept of Immigration. Ljubicin, S. Born 15 August 1926.

Although this is material dealing with things way back in the 1950's I still find it of interest to see what Australian and New Zealand Defence/intelligence files had on them, about the UFO phenomenon.

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