Sunday, November 21, 2010

"Mirage Men"

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A burst of hot weather is about to descend upon Adelaide. 32 degrees C today and hotter over the next few days. Then, typical for Adelaide, a cold front will come through from the south-west and the temperatures will drop for a few more days.

In a previous post, (click here) I mentioned a new book by Mark Pilkington, titled "Mirage Men: A Journey in Disinformation, Paranoia and UFOs."

I have been waiting to read an interview with Mark to learn more about his views on the UFO phenomenon. I just came across one interview at

I'll quote a few pieces which interest me.

"I'm not sceptical about UFOs themselves...what I am very sceptical of is the popular notion of ET visitation as presented in the UFO lore that has emerged since the late 1940's. This has developed out of a multi-directional feedback loop between UFO experiencers, UFO book authors, mainstream popular culture and those in the military and intelligence worlds who would exploit and shape these beliefs and ideas..."

"I'm just putting forward my take on a very complex story. I wrote Mirage men to be an outward-looking book that would interest people outside of the UFO community. I also wanted to present a reasonable and responsive critique of the mainstream ETH to those who are already well versed with the UFO lore."


This view that the ETH is not the most likely explanation for the UFO phenomenon, is of course, unwelcome by many in the UFO research community.

"I'm fascinated by the 1980 Cash-Landrum incident for example. If even half of that incident was accurately reported by the witnesses then there are either some remarkably advanced toys in the human arsenal, or we really have been borrowing, or stealing them from someone else." (Click here for more information on this case.)

"Some of my friends have had some really spectacular and bizarre UFO sightings, but personally I just don't see the need to invoke the extraterrestrial hypothesis. As military analysts have pointed out since the late 1940's, the patterns of behaviour ascribed to UFOs make no sense as part of a surveillance or invasion plan."

"My own belief, and it's only a belief, is that some highly advanced experimental aircraft have been flown over the years perhaps much further back than we realise."


An interesting observation. See a number of my previous posts about aerospace companies and UFOs.

Mark has his own website at

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