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"Life with the aliens" Part 3

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This post is a continuation of two previous ones (See here and here)

The third part of Jenny Randles' article titled "Life with the aliens" appears in the English Fortean Times magazine issue 267, dated November 2010 page 31.

Some quotes

"Over the last couple of issues I have looked at some cases reported to me that involve alien contact. Hopefully, this has shown how these strange affairs seem to tiptoe across the divide between many areas of the supernatural. They have elements of out-of-body and near-death experiences and mediumship, while witnesses describe a life history of paranormal events."

Jenny then describes the story of "Juliet." At age three she saw her first UFO, three large, orange/white lights just outside her bedroom window. "She rapidly underwent a 'learning curve' in which she started to become an avid reader and soaked up knowledge to the extent that her family were stunned by her abilities well beyond her age."

Jenny then observes "Most people can only remember events in their lives from about the age of three, yet large numbers of alien contact witnesses claim to have earlier memories, some even back to the time of their birth."

Jenny outlines three possibilities:

1. A consequence of the 'learning curve'
2. Something "...unusual in the way these individuals process memories that makes them able to perceive strange phenomena and experience accelerated psychological development
3. Research into fantasy-prone personalities "They, too, have unusual recall of early life..."


Jenny then moves on to communication between aliens and witnesses. "Witnesses often refer to how the aliens communicate, reporting that "They use my thinking voice' or 'They are talking inside my head.'"

"Are these hints that the essence of an alien contact is some dynamic process going on within the conscious of the witnesses?"

"I once told a frightened young girl facing regular alien contact to put a camera in her bedroom, as "Aliens don't like to be photographed." This proved an effective deterrent, and it was some time before they returned admitting "We did not come because of the camera." It seems likely that, rather than the aliens being scared of cameras, I guided the ongoing contact experience by implanting an idea via the subconscious of the witness."

In summary

Jenny then brings the above comments together in the case of 'Alan.' Alan had recall of an early childhood experience and many others in later life. However, "...he had found some notes that he wrote immediately after one of the early encounters; the contents were quite different from the version in his memory, having vivid, childlike alien images that had morphed over the years to incorporate things he'd read in UFO books."


These are some penetrating observations from an English researcher with 40 years of research data to draw on.

I wonder how many witnesses have written material from way back, documented at the time and ever compare this with their current memories of events?

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