Friday, November 5, 2010

"Life with the aliens" Part two

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In a post on the 17 Oct 2010 (Click here for the full post) I mentioned part one of an article by UK Ufologist Jenny Randles, which appeared in the English "Fortean Times" (FT) magazine. Well, part two is in FT 266, October 2010 p.29.

Jenny continues her abductee/contactee case studies with "Barbara." After sighting a light in the sky, Barbara "...started to have out-of-body experiences during which she believed she had regular sojourns with aliens." Later, an alien appeared in her bedroom, and Barbara went off with it. She developed a "...fear of going to sleep..."

A second case study featured "Pat" from Western Australia, who one morning, while awake in the bathroom saw "...two figures wandering around the house communicating telepathically with her..." At the end of the experience she found herself back in bed.

"Clues and causes"

Jenny discusses these sort of experiences, suggesting a variety of ways to look at them. " physical causes, psychological triggers, metaphysical solutions and, of course, via cosmic or alien interpretations."

The rest of the article examines " medical conditions might have a part to play."

The possible relevance of temporal lobe epilepsy; and migraine attack, to alien contact is discussed. "...many alien contactees describe having unexpected migraine attacks before, during and after an encounter,"

Of personal relevance to Jenny, is vasovagal syncope, "...a sudden stimulation of the vagus nerve." She mentions that she herself was diagnosed with it two years ago. "I have been collating experiences from fellow ...sufferers and am seeing fascinating links with migraine and epilepsy as well as a startling number of symptoms reported during alien contact cases, from apparent time lapses and images of tubes and tunnels."

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