Saturday, November 6, 2010

Many pathways to an abduction?


I was intrigued by Pauline's post "Life with the aliens part two," describing Jenny Randles' observations on 'vasovagal syncope.'

Like Pauline, I am starting to wonder if there aren't a number of pathways to alien abduction experiences. Perhaps sleep paralysis; hypnagogic imagery; migraine prodromes and auras; fantasy proneness ; vasovagal syncope, and other yet unknown factors, might all be entry points to such an experience. Perhaps, then cultural expectation, personal belief systems and interaction with UFO researchers turns the original observation into a UFO abduction/contact?

In my opinion, future study of individuals who report alien contacts could perhaps follow the sort of methodology which I outlined in my post dated 5 Oct 2010, and obtain a detailed medical history; using the above list of items as a starting point.

This is the sort of research which could assist eliminate the more mundane potential explanations for alien abductions/contacts, leaving us with a better perspective on those cases which survive this screening process.


  1. I've only just found your blog and it looks pretty good. The objective, inquiring approach to UFOs is the best way forward with inventive speculation identified as just that...speculation.

    Anyway, I agree that there needs to be a clinical methodology for abduction research. In fact, it should be just called 'research (minus the abduction as it's presumptive)' and kept away from the 'abduction researchers.' Accredited psychologists following ethical and methodological frameworks with oversight could shed light on the accounts.

    The current state of affairs rests mostly on the theorising and bad practice of unqualified people with a 'dog in the race.'They might end up being right? Who knows? Until they hand over to qualified and neutral professionals, the subject won't be taken seriously. In the mean time, I believe there's a lot of damage being done to people's psyches.

  2. Hi

    Thank you for your comment. Readers, in your reading, have you come across any psychologists conducting the kind of research I am suggesting?


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