Sunday, April 25, 2010

The return of Jenny Randles


My local Library carries copies of the English magazine "Fortean Times." The latest issue, number 259, has a fascinating opinion piece by long-term UK UFOlogist, Jenny Randles.

Jenny has been in the background for some time now, after making a significant contribution to both British and global UFOlogy. So it is good to see this piece on page 29 of the magazine.

The piece is titled "UFOlogy in 2010," and is a discussion on where the study of UFOs might be in ten years time. A couple of her points caught my eye.

Commenting on the percentage of mundane reports out of all the incoming raw reports she states " was largely correct to say that most UFO sightings are misperceptions-there is little (if any) hard evidence for an alien presence on Earth, while a small residue of puzzling cases do indeed challenge our understanding of subjects as diverse as atmospheric physics, metaphysics and the notion of consciousness. This is the reality that researchers now confront..."

Jenny goes on to say "Finding answers to the UFO mystery will not involve some 'big reveal.' It can only be solved piece by piece, because there is no single UFO mystery to be revealed-just a mixture of different phenomena caused by a bewildering array of things."


Jenny's views are derived from over 30 years of investigating cases, predominantly in the UK. She has always reported exactly what she found. Some of these UFO sightings have taken years to come up with a mundane explanation.

Dear readers, do you share Jenny's views?


  1. I have no argument with Jenny's comments though in fairness those who took the subject on at a far deeper level than face value, they assimilated all of this long ago-as typified by organisations such as BUFORA- and have largely operated upon such an understanding ever since.
    I would suggest, however, that it is in fact properly trained field investigators who operate at the cutting edge of the subject and as such also have to confront and deal with these issues very much in a real time situation rather than via the more remote and luxurious environment generally associated with 'research'.

  2. What a load of rubbish! these people cannot see the wood for the trees,they stand in their ivory towers dictating policy and perambulating about 'different phenomena'when the evidence indicates otherwise,In my expereince ( and I have many years of this in dealing with UFO witnesses, the majority of sightings cannot be explained rationally and logically. It is an insult to the UFO witnesses who once having had the courage to come forward are ridiculed it is them we should pay homage to not to Jenny Randles who is more than willing to take us mere mortals to task but continully refuses to answer letters sent to her over the years askign her to clarify ambigous cases researched by her over the years.

  3. For Jenny Randles to claim that the Rendlesham Forest sighting was a misidentification of a nearby lighthouse light is an insult to the very sane and intelligent military personnel who were close enough to a UFO to put their hands on it.

  4. I have just come across 2 posts one by Jenny Randles and by another researcher for alien abductions. How wrong can they get it. To say that star children are the result of a cosmic interbreading with a neo nazi undertone is wrong. Star children such as Indigos and crystals are nothing related to abductions. I don't know where their research comes from but it's wasted time and probably funds as well. It's also an insult to those who are indigos and crystals. They would not be a part of something so invasive. They are certainly not akin to neo nazis either. I can only assume that as these researchers are probably government funded they are fear mongering for a reason.


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