Friday, April 30, 2010

Remote viewing and exopolitics

Dear readers

I've spent a bit more time in trying to find out the origins of where remote viewers formed the opinion that we live in a "populated" universe.

I found a reference, back in 1986, to Ed Dames, a remote viewer in the US Government's official remote viewing program. "The "most important thing" he was looking for was tied into his fantasies about a "Supreme Galactic Council" of aliens." (Source: Smith, Paul H. "Reading the Enemy's Mind." 2005. Tom Doherty Associates Book. New York. ISBN 0-312-87515-0 page 308.)

Later, one of Dames' students, Courtney Brown, wrote about his 1996 book "Cosmic Voyage" "Using SRV, Brown suggested the existence of a distant galactic federation of extraterrestrial civilizations, which humans may one day be fortunate enough to join in." (Source: CourtneyBrown.pdf.)

Are these the origins of views on a populated universe? (See previous posts on Exopolitics.)


  1. an update on some of Courtney Browns latest remote viewing projects can be found here - the most recent is where ten remote viewers were blindly tasked with Mars and they reported life?



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