Sunday, April 25, 2010

Exopolitics - my comments


I have so far written four posts on the Exopolitics movement. Now, I'd like to conduct a bit of analysis. Firstly, looking at Salla, Bassett and Webre, where did their ET interest come from?

Salla's ET research interests came from seeing the Disclosure Project Press Conference in May 2001. "I decided to begin researching evidence concerning an undisclosed extraterrestrial presence ." ("About this site" area of

Bassett's ET interests started in 1995 while working with PEER. (

Webre's interests were already present before 1977 ( and resurfaced in 2000 when he coined and used the term "Exopolitics."

I was interested in finding out where their conviction that we are part of a populated universe came from. Bassett was exposed to the work of Dr John Mack and abductees; Webre's peaceinspace website records part of this knowledge came from remote viewing methods. Salla was introduced to the testimonies of whistle blowers.

I also noted Webre's reference to remote viewing derived data and the fact that he was at the Stanford Research Institute in 1977. Readers who have read my remote viewing posts may recall that remote viewing research all started at Stanford Research Institute in 1972. I wondered what the connection is here, was Webre across this research while at SRI?

Readers will no doubt be aware of my love of all things Jacques Vallee! Recalling that Volume 2 of Vallee's diaries covered the year 1977, I browsed the book for any reference to Webre. His name was not listed in the extensive index. However, there was an intriguing entry dated 31 August 1977 (page 393). "A colleague from SRI has gone to Washington to see Stanley Schneider, assistant director of the Office of Scientific and Technology Policy under Carter. He said Schneider told him that Robert Frosch, of NASA, was planning to set up a UFO office. Could Vallee's colleague have been Webre?

I Googled "Jacques Vallee Alfre Webre" and at I found an item written by Alfred Webre.

" Years ago-in 1977-I had the opportunity to seek the advice of Jacques Vallee...At the time I was a futurist at Stanford Research Institute (SRI) and I was developing a proposal for the Carter White House and the US National Science Foundation to re-open the government investigation of the UFO phenomenon, then closed by Project Blue Book.

"In the course of a conversation over lunch, it became apparent to me that our views of UFO intelligence shared a great deal in common...The essence of my view was that the intelligence behind UFOs was dimensional...the intelligence behind UFOs was psychologically reinforcing human kind to the existence of a higher intelligent form."

I can start to see where their current views derived from.

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