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Exopolitics 2

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Now to tackle one of the research papers by Dr Michael E Salla. This one is from 2005 titled "The history of exopolitics:evolving political approaches to UFOs and the extraterrestrial hypothesis."

In this paper the term "Exopolitics" is defined as:

"Exopolitics is the study of the key political actions, institutions and processes associated with the UFO phenomenon and the extraterrestrial hypothesis."

Salla proposes that although the term was coined in the year 2000, various people in the past have pursued the aims of exopolitics.

He outlines four phases of exopolitical activity:

Phase 1 1948 The Flying Saucer Conspiracy. A key person was Donald Keyhoe. Critical events were in 1953, The Robertson Panel; 1954 the issuing of the JANAP 146 instruction; the Brookings Report; the 1969 Condon report; 1987 Timothy Good's book "Above Top Secret"; and Richard Dolan's book "UFOs and the National Security State."

Phase 2 was 1974 onwards. The Freedom of Information Act, leaked documents and Cosmic Watergate. Critical events and people were: 1974 FOIA in the USA; Late 1970's Citizens Against UFO Secrecy (CAUS); the 1984 book "Clear Intent" by Laurence Fawcett and Barry Greenwood; documents leaked to Jaime Shaidera, William Moore, Tim Cooper and studies of these documents by Robert Wood and Stanton Friedman;the 1997 book "UFOs are Real" by Clifford Stone.

Phase 3 1992 Political activism and the UFO cover up. Ed Komarek and Mike Jamieson -Operation Right to Know 1992-1995; 1993 Laurence Rockefeller -effort to brief President Clinton on UFO issues; Dr Steven Greer-Disclosure project, testimony of whistle blowers "Greer built an impressive database of testimonies by whistle blowers who outlined how military authorities and national securiy agencies were systematically covering up evidence confirming both the reality of the UFO phenomenon and the ETH." 2002 -candidature of Stephen Bassett for congressional election.

Phase 4 2003 onwards Exopolitics emerges as a distinct approach to UFO evidence. Key people, Alfred Webre; Stephen Bassett and Michael E Salla.

Alfred Webre - 2000 - coined and used the term exoplitics; wrote an e-book 22000 words. "Exopolitics: Towards a Decade of Contact." Expanded and published as a regular book in 2005 titled "Exopolitics:Politics, Government and Law in the Universe."

Stephen bassett - 2004-2005 organised "Exopolitics Expos" in Washington, DC.


This paper gave me a much clearer understanding of the topic of exopolitics and the key players over the year. I'll take a look at some of thes key players in later posts, and save my analysis comments till then.

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